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    Dongguang HCL Carton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Dongguang HCL Carton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Dongguang HCL Carton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and it covers an area of more than5 acres, producing factory is 3000 square meters. It is located in the south of the capital Beijing and north of Jinan, the water and land transportation is very convenient. It is a large-scale professional manufacturer for carton machinery and printing machinery. Our main products include high-speed corrugated board production lines (three, five, seven), single-sided corrugated board production lines, printing equipment, etc. Our company has complete machinery, high degree of specialization and rich manufacturing experience,strong technical strength.


Brief introduction,working principle and structure of corru

Brief introduction,working principle and ...

Brief introduction According to the corrugated board production process, the corrugated board production line is composed of two relatively independent wet end equipment and cadre part. The we...

Corrugated board production line caused the induction synchro damage
Corrugated board production line displacement detecting element displacement detection device used in CNC machine tool servo system is basically divided into two categories: linear and rotary linear direct measurement for measuring devices commonly used linear measurement or rest of linear displa...
What should we pay attention to when choosing the right carton machinery and equipment manufacturers
Choose carton machinery and equipment, it is important to see a few points: 1. Look at your production demand and daily capacity (that is, how many cartons need to be produced every day) 2, look at your budget, carton machinery has automatic and semi-automatic 3, according to the situation of ...