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MY800/1080/1100Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine

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MY800/1080/1100 Automatic Die Cutting Machine is the main equipment for die-cuting of paper, carton,trademarks

and all kinds of paper packing products.Our machines equip with high precision intermittent structure, pneumatic plate-lock, air clutch and overload protectionto ensure the machine running steady under the high speed.And in order to make fulfll working eficiency of our machines.we also add the pre stacking paper part,assistant paper feeding structure, variable speed paper feeding structure, autopaper collecting structure, pneumatc sampling structure, auto timing oil lubricating and the forced air cooling for main drive

lubricating devices to this machine.All the electrics and driven parts we used are intemational famous brands so that we can ensure the high die cuttingprecision and reliability when machines running. The PLC and electronic monitor control the system, which makes theproblems be adjusted and solved more easily. The electrical box is cooled by air convection device to protect the electriccomponents running steady under the controlled temperature.

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