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auto splicer

Short Description:

Width: 1400-2500 mm.
Features: Applicable maximum paper diameter: 1500 mm.
The paper holder has automatic tension control, high-speed paper splicing, and high success rate.
No tail splicing, reducing paper consumption (the overlapped part of paper and tape is only 40mm wide).
Paper pick-up, automatic rewinding, vacuum suction, convenient paper loading, automatic tension control splicing zero turnover.
Full PLC automatic control, accurate, less faults, and convenient maintenance.
When the paper is first pulled, the buffer wheel is automatically aligned and the paper is pulled easily.
Advantages of the machine The cylinder of the high-speed welding machine controls the welding torque to be normal, and the motor control will not cause stone crushing or blistering.
The maximum splicing speed is 150 m/min.

Product Detail

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Technical parameters

Work wide 2200mm   sadad
Design speed 200m/min
Economic speed 120-180m/min
pressure 6bpa
The equipment size  
The weight of the  

Main performance characteristics

★Maximum base paper diameter: 1500mm

★Maximum base paper diameter: 1500mm

★Paperless end connecting paper, reducing the loss of base paper (the overlapping part of base paper is only about 40mm wide with the tape)

★When the paper collecting car is moved out, it is automatically turned out, easy to load paper, automatic tension control and zero error in paper collecting.

★All adopt PLC automatic control, accurate action, less failure, easy maintenance.

★Buffer round when the first time to pull paper, automatic alignment, easy to pull paper.

★The advantages of the machine, the paper machine controlled by the cylinder will not appear the phenomenon of breaking tile and bubbling when the paper is connected at high speed

★Maximum paper speed 200 m/min.

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