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Automatic paper receiving machine

Short Description:

Automatic paper machine to keep corrugated production line uninterrupted work, reduce paper loss, greatly improve productivity. Maximum speed 200m/min

Product Detail

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Technical parameters

Work wide 2200mm   sadad
Design speed 200m/min
Economic speed 120-180m/min
pressure 6bpa
The equipment size  
The weight of the  

Main performance characteristics

★Maximum base paper diameter: 1500mm

★Maximum base paper diameter: 1500mm

★Paperless end connecting paper, reducing the loss of base paper (the overlapping part of base paper is only about 40mm wide with the tape)

★When the paper collecting car is moved out, it is automatically turned out, easy to load paper, automatic tension control and zero error in paper collecting.

★All adopt PLC automatic control, accurate action, less failure, easy maintenance.

★Buffer round when the first time to pull paper, automatic alignment, easy to pull paper.

★The advantages of the machine, the paper machine controlled by the cylinder will not appear the phenomenon of breaking tile and bubbling when the paper is connected at high speed

★Maximum paper speed 200 m/min.

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