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GM-D heavy gluing machine

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Product Attributes

Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
For 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer corrugated cardboard production line.

glue roller surface after quenched, bore machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved pit style textured, coating evenly, consume less plastic.
glue roller rotation frequency motor control, frequency control to ensure the glue roller line speed and duplex synchronous machines, and can operate independently.
electric adjustment digital glue. Automatic cycle for glue, glue avoid sedimentation and viscosity stability.
pneumatic platen structure, the gap by the electric tuning. Upper and lower layer are used independently variable frequency motor drive.
sided machine speed signal measurements taken in order to achieve its synchronous operation. Man-machine interface display, easy operation.
control automatically adjusts the amount of adhesive, glue quantity with production speed, automatic adjustment, in automatic mode, you can also get in manual tuning.

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Structural features

After the surface of the cot is quenched and tempered, the inner hole is processed, and the dynamic balance is done. The surface is finely ground and engraved with pit pattern. The coating is uniform and the glue consumption is small.

The rotation of the cots is controlled by the variable frequency motor and frequency conversion, and the frequency control ensures that the linear speed of the cots is synchronized with the two sides, and it can operate independently.

Coating electric adjustment glue amount of digital display. Automatic circulation of glue, can effectively control the amount of glue, avoid glue precipitation, ensure good glue and save glue.

All roller surfaces are ground after hard chromium plating.

The speed signal of double-sided machine is measured to realize synchronous operation with it. The rubber coating machine is displayed with man-machine interface, which can be used for data setting and easy to operate.

The surface of squeegee roller is ground and plated with hard chromium.

The surface of other paper guide rollers is plated with hard chromium.

The pressure roller adopts pneumatic lifting, which is flexible and convenient to operate.

Manual adjustment of coating and scraping clearance.

The coating roller is 215mm, the leveling roller is 122mm, the pressing roller is 122mm and the preheating roller is 270mm.

The design, production and construction technology of electrical appliances follow the national standards, with low failure rate and simple maintenance.

Technical parameters

Working width: 1400-2500mm

Operation direction: left or right (determined according to customer's workshop)

Design speed: 100m-300 / min

Air source system: 0.4-0.9mpa

Temperature range of preheating cylinder: 150-200 ℃

Steam pressure: 1.12-1.3mpa

Roller diameter parameters

Wheel diameter: ¢ 215mm

The diameter of fixed paste roller: ¢ 122mm

The diameter of lower preheating roller: ¢ 320mm

The diameter of upper preheating roller: ¢ 270mm

The diameter of paper passing roller: ¢ 85mm

Parameters of power motor

Main motor of cot: 3kw

The speed reducer for rubber adjustment: 250W

Press roll clearance adjustment motor: 250W

Motor of rubber pump: 2.2kw

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