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Corrugated Cardboard Printing Slotting Stripping cleaning Stacking Machine

Short Description:

Uses and features
1, automatic stacking machine neat output
2, the main motor frequency conversion speed adjustment speed adjustable, stable and reliable startup.
3. Use belts to transport cartons, stacking neatly,
Speed :0-300 sheets /min
Open + : 0-150 m/min
4. Pneumatic counting and pushing,PLC electric control, reliable, accurate and fast action
5. Adopt PLC controller and touch screen digital control, simple operation, reliable action and automatic counting of input data

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Carton machinery and equipment

This machine is a practical and new type of high efficiency auxiliary equipment for rotary die-cutting and printing machine with die-cutting. Its functions include paper receiving mechanism, vibrating waste cleaning mechanism, automatic alignment mechanism and automatic output of paperboard counting. Man-machine interface operation, digital display speed regulation, microcomputer display, with simple, fast, reliable and accurate control mode, automatic paper receiving, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, average stack speed of 240 pieces/min. The paper receiving mechanism includes a driving shaft fixed on the rack and a conveying wheel connected with the driving shaft through a belt. The conveying wheel is overlaid with a high-strength conveying belt of waste cleaning type. The output of the conveying wheel is set with an automatic alignment mechanism. The machine has small floor area, low cost, low energy consumption, tidy stacking, long service life and easy operation. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection are our supreme pursuit.

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