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TQ conveyor bridge

Short Description:

Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
Work for 2 layer, 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer production line.

This section is the main beam of the 20th channel, I-beam, No. 16, No. 63 angle, columns, etc. connected together.
sides have safety rails, ladder (with 8 small channel production), high-strength save people the word pedal, ensure the safety of personnel and easy to operate.
pull paper shaft surface tension shafts, shaft, etc. by feeding grinding hard chrome plating.
tension control vacuum suction duct 5 inches, plus regulating valves, air flow can be infinitely adjustable. Dual front bezel correction.
oriented column positioning, screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, walking steadily.

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Structural features

This part is connected by No.20 channel steel, No.16 I-beam, 63 angle steel, column, etc.

There are safety barriers, ladders (made of No. 8 small channel steel) and high-strength herringbone pedals on both sides to ensure the safety of personnel and convenient operation.

The surface of the paper drawing shaft, tension shaft and paper feeding shaft is ground and plated with hard chromium.

The vacuum adsorption tension control, suction pipe 5 inches, with regulating valve, the air volume can be steplessly adjusted.

In front of the deviation correction baffle, the double guide column is used for positioning, and the screw drive is used, so the positioning is fast and accurate, and the walking is stable.

Roller diameter parameters

The diameter of paper feeding roller and tension roller: ¢ 130mm

The diameter of conveying roller: ¢ 180mm

The diameter of active tensioning roller: ¢ 85mm

The diameter of paper passing roller and paper guide roller: ¢ 110mm

Diameter of paper feeding and dragging shaft:¢ 110mm

Power motor parameters

Single side corrugated paper lifting motor: 2.2kw

Cross bridge adsorption fan:(2.2kW)

Wide width motor for regulating paperboard: 250W


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