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SM-E type double facer

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product properties
Width: 1400-2500 mm.
Suitable for 3-layer, 5-layer and 7-layer corrugated cardboard production lines.
Features: The surface of the plate is polished, the width of the heating plate is 600 mm, there are 20 heating plates in length, and the cooling is 5 meters.
The heating plate has a container plate, and the pressure vessel has a certificate and an inspection certificate. The internal heat insulation board is a partition structure, and the S-shaped flow steam, gas, and water separation function significantly improves the utilization rate of steam.
The left and right sides are equipped with automatic adjustment conveyor belt correction adjustment, and two sets of pneumatic conveyor belt tension system adjustments.
Seven-stage temperature control of heating pipe hot plate, with temperature display.
The S-shaped tensioning mechanism is adopted for manual correction, the structure is simple and practical, and the lower sleeve adopts a steam-driven fine-tuning type.
The driving roller attached to the surface of the bag is wear-resistant like glue to ensure the smooth output of the cardboard.
The transmission drive unit adopts an independent structure, the gear steel ZG-500 is the material, and the gear oil is used for lubrication.
The electrical components adopt internationally well-known brands, and the equipment runs stably and reliably.
The main drive motor is a frequency conversion energy-saving motor, with large low-speed torque, wide speed range, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

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Structural features

The surface of the heating plate is grinded, and the width of the hot plate is 600mm. The heating plate is made of container plate, which conforms to the national class I pressure vessel standard, and the pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate are attached.

The hot plate adopts dense gravity roller structure. The pressure roller adopts pneumatic lifting.

The heat conduction piping of the heating plate is divided into four sections to control the temperature, with temperature display.

The double cylinder S-type tension device is adopted for the upper cotton belt.

The lower belt adopts S-shaped manual deviation correction and tension mechanism, with simple and practical structure, and a set of manual fine-tuning type of lower belt.

The driving roller surface is coated with wear-resistant image glue, which is herringbone structure with medium height to ensure smooth output of paperboard.

The main drive motor is frequency conversion speed regulating motor, with large low-speed torque, wide speed range, reliable use and simple maintenance.

The internal part of the hot plate is a diaphragm isolation structure, which makes the steam flow in S-shape. The separation function of steam and water is obvious, and the utilization rate of steam is improved.

Technical parameters

Temperature requirement: 160-200 ℃

Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3mpa

Air source pressure: 0.6-0.9mpa

Cooling setting length: 4-8M

Number of heating plates: 9-18 pieces

Hydraulic system pressure: 6-8mpa

Roller diameter parameters

The diameter of upper driving cot: ¢ 475mm

The diameter of the lower driving cot: ¢ 350mm

The diameter of front driven belt roller: ¢ 176mm

Diameter of driven roller after setting¢ 176mm

The diameter of pressing roller: ¢ 70mm

The diameter of shaping idler: ¢ 86mm

The diameter of upper belt tensioning roll: ¢ 155mm

The diameter of upper belt deflection adjusting roll: ¢ 124mm

The diameter of lower belt roller: ¢ 130mm

Note: the surface of all rollers is hard chromium plated after grinding.

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