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Five layers of corrugated boar

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General technical parameters:

1. Working width: 2200mm

2. Operating direction: left or right (according to customer’s workshop)

3. The highest height: 4700mm

4. Working speed: 150m/min

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Introduction to single machine of corrugated board production line

Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll Stand


Structural features:

★Adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and others,the lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.

★Brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.

★Each paper rack is equipped with two paper carts that can be served simultaneously from both sides.


Paper Preheater

Structural features:

The preheating roller is designed with butterfly head, which conforms to the first class national standard of pressure vessel and has the certificate of pressure vessel.

The roll surface after precision grinding, fine grinding and hard chromium plating processingsurface friction is small and durable

Electric adjustment wrap angle , wrap angle can be rotated within 360 °to adjust the paper heat area .

Fingerless Type Single Facer

Single side corrugated paper machine

ZDF conveyor bridge

Structural features:

This part is the main beam of the 20th channel, 16-beam, angle iron 63, column, etc. are connected.

Both sides of the security fence, ladder , high-strength save people the word pedals, ensure the safety of personnel and easy to operate.

Pull the paper shaft surface tension axis, feeding shaft by grinding hard chrome plated.

Vacuum tension control, 5-inch suction tube, plus regulating valves, air flow can be infinitely adjustable.

Dual front bezel correction guide column positioning, screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, walking steadily.


Structural features:

★Adopt hood suction structure,matched high pressure powerful fan. Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation, the operating side full cover closed.

★High quality resin sand casting,wall thickness 200mm。Adopt independent gear box, Universal joint transmission structure.

★install the lifting trolley on the conveyor bridge,Need to use the car will tile roll assembly and pressure roller, such as convenient and quick.

★Glue roller unit structure with the overall relocation,Maintenance can sway the machine at the overall maintenance,improve the working efficiency。

★The humidity control apparatus equipped with a spray, so flute type to maintain good stability of deformation, avoid dry。

★Automatic circulation system for glue, two-cylinder pneumatic gluing device, with good cushioning effect.

★Glue department using integrated slide structure,Glue roller surface after grinding engraved with 32 lines and pit-style textured hard chrome plating.

★Corrugated roller adopt tungsten carbide dealing,diameter of the main corrugated roller¢ 320mm,Quenched→rough car→bore fine boring→shaft head shrunk-on→welding → tempering to stress→fine cars→coarse grinding→IF quenching→CNC grinding machine grinding→tungsten carbide dealing,hardness of surface is HV58degrees.

★Active force variable frequency motor drive, energy efficient, low failure rate.

★Glue wide electric adjust to changes in the width of the paper used.

★Amount of glue size with electric adjustment, touch screen display and operation of the encoder transmission coating gap, high accuracy.

★Power and operating parts with a safety net to ensure the safety of personnel in the operation of machinery.


Double glue machine


Structural feature:

★After the surface of cots is adjusted and tempered, the inner hole is processed, the dynamic balance surface is polished and there are 32 lines of concave net pattern, the glue is uniform and the amount of glue consumption is less.

★The rotation of the cots is controlled by the variable frequency motor and frequency conversion, and the frequency control ensures that the linear speed of the cots is synchronized with the two sides, and it can operate independently.

★Coating electric adjustment glue amount of digital display. Automatic circulation of glue, can effectively control the amount of glue, avoid glue precipitation, ensure good glue and save glue.

★All roller surfaces are ground after hard chromium plating.

★ The speed signal of double-sided machine is measured to realize synchronous operation with it. The rubber coating machine is displayed with man-machine interface, which can be used for data setting and easy to operate.

★Electrical design, construction production process, follow the national standards, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

Type Double Facer

Structural features:

The surface of the heating plate is grinded, the width of the hot plate is 600mm, there are 12 heating plates, the cooling setting is 4 meters.The heating plate is made of vessel plate, which conforms to the national first-class pressure vessel standard, with pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate.

The upper conveyer belt rectifies the right and left side to adopt the pneumatic automatic correction deviation.

Heating plate heat transfer pipe temperature control sub-four-segment, with a temperature display.  

Double cylinder S type cotton belt tensioning device is used for upper cotton belt.

The lower belt adopts pneumatic tension, pneumatic correction.

Drive roller coated with attached wear-resistant rubber showed a herringbone structureWith a high, ensure smooth cardboard output

Main drive motor for frequency conversion motorlow-speed torquewide speed range ,reliable, and easy maintenance.

Hot plate internal for partition isolation structure,s-shaped flow of steamSteam, water separation function significantly improves the utilization of steam


Computer thin knife machine
Double-sided machine

Thin Knife Slitting

Structural features:

Overcome the conventional type of pole, cutting pressure lines appear when collapsed cardboard cut phenomenon, cutting board smooth, quality has improved significantly.

The whole machine can remove left and right,cycloid reducer to adjust.

Cutter and easy to adjust the pressure line, the error ± 0.5mm, automatic sharpening device, you can achieve timing Brothers, with intermittent Brothers and other features.

The machine adopt five knives eight lines,the blade is made of tungsten alloy steel, the using life is not less than 3 million running meters.

NC Cutter Helical Knives

Structural features:

It can store 200 units ordersreplace the cutter specifications quickly and accuratelychanging orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management.

Knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel induction hardening, backlash-free transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy

Cutting machine adopts inlaid front steel blade knife spiral structure, serrated knife. scissors, shears, shear force, long blade life

Around feed rollers are used  the sun gear platen way, smooth delivery, pressure evenly, easy to crush plate board or cause blockage.

★This type of brake is energy storage type (non-energy brake), so in the process of production, the average power consumption is 1 / 3 of that of the ordinary NC cutting machine, saving more than 70% of electricity and achieving the goal of saving money.

★Exact and adjustable no gap gear to ensure precise blade engagement, running balance.

★Independent oil pump and filter are used to distribute two sets of copper pipes in each gear position to feed oil, lubricate and cool.

★Knife roller: fine quality forged steel material, the balanced, with good stability.

NC-150  NC cutter helical knives
Five - layer corrugated board production line

Structural features:

Gantry stackingChanging single time is 5secondsautomatic counting, automatic cross out automatically for a single.

Synchronized with the production management systemorder mangementCentralized managementdo not slow down automatically for a single.

The waste of changing single tube was less than 700 mm.

crawler stacking platformAC servo control movementsStacking smooth, neat;

When stacking reaches a set number of automatic frequency control smooth laterally out of paper

Tailgate AC servo control positioning for a single automatic, rapid, precise adjustment

Tailgate automatically shift for small orders stacking

Delivery side of the standard electric transport planes, and duplex trolley

Independent sealed control cabinets, electrical equipment operating under clean environment

Color touch-screen display for easy on-site operation

Fully automatic operation control, improve efficiency and save manpower, reduce labor intensity

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