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Hcl-1244 high speed ink printing die-cutting machine

Short Description:

● Designed in accordance with The European concept, functional, security more reliable.
●PLC touch screen control, including automatic counting, speed, quantity display, interval, alarm lamp function.
● High quality materials and accessories are selected. All drive rollers are made of high quality steel, balanced by static and static, and polished by grinding and plating hard chrome.
● the main transmission gear adopts high frequency quenching treatment of high quality alloy steel with 40 chromium, high precision gear grinding, high precision, strong wear resistance, smooth and reliable transmission, rockwell hardness >60 degrees.
● The main drive bearing is Harbin high quality bearing.
● The main control electrical appliances with domestic famous brand Zhengtai.
● Keyless connection ring is applied to reduce center wear and keep long-term printing overprint accuracy.
● Automatic zero and automatic reset.
● Host start protection, host can not start actively without locking, to prevent misoperation.
● All units of the machine are automatically or independently separated, electrically operated and pneumatically locked, and the alarm bell continuously rings during walking to ensure the safety of operators. Automatic braking to ensure position cannot be moved.
● Emergency stop protection, emergency stop switch is set in the machine, which can quickly stop the unit movement inside, ensuring more protection.
● Control system: the whole computer PLC control system, each group using  touch computer screen operation.

Product Detail

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Paper feeder function

(1)Shandong Komori wheeled paper feeding structure, high speed, smooth and accurate paper feeding
(2) High-strength air suction fan, air suction auxiliary paper feeding, wind suction force can be manually adjusted, the fan is 7.5KW, or according to the different bending conditions of the cardboard, the air volume can be adjusted, the general bending uneven cardboard smoothly through, to ensure smooth paper supply.
(3) Alternate sheet feeding device. (Continuous and spaced feeding is optional)
(4) The positioning datum of feeding mechanism is scientific and reasonable, with high precision.
(5) Supply paper electronic counter, set and display the production quantity.
(6) The front plate lifting turbine box adjustment, instrument handle display scale, accurate position, convenient adjustment.

Hcl-1244 high speed ink printing die-cutting machine (3)
Hcl-1244 high speed ink printing die-cutting machine (4)

witch is set for each color group

■ The mesh cap feeding section works with the lifting, and the gap between the printing plate is electrically adjusted when inking; Printing plate with the paper suction bellows pressure frequency control, the well can be adjusted separately the air volume setting.
■ Adopts new technology to ensure field printing and compatible with high dot printing above 60 lines.
■ Optional sealing cavity double scraper uniform inking mechanism, using the whole 19 type uniform inking anti-seepage device, to avoid ink spilt during work; The special Angle of the blade is evenly twisted to transfer ink, which can easily realize 100-line dot printing, and prolong the service life of the blade and the reticulated paper
■ The printing phase is attached with electromagnetic hybrid machine, which can automatically lock the tooth gun position when the machine is separated to prevent the plate ring zero position loss.
The printing plate is equipped with 勧 foot switch, which can be quickly hung, adjusted, convenient for plate change and scrub.

Die cutting function

(1) the diameter of 530 mm (including edition) Ø. High quality steel (2) The surface of the steel tube is ground and hard branded. (3) Balance correction,stable operation.

(4) Printing plate roller adopts plate hanging device, foot switch control positive and negative rotation, loading and unloading printing plate fast and convenient. (5) Fixed scroll plate shaft. (6) Full version hanging glue slot, applicable for 10mm*3mm hanging plate. (7) Loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric control forward turning. (8) Roller wall thickness 16mm

Die-cutting roller(upper) (1) 530mm, surface grinding, hard burning plating, smooth movement. (2) Speed limit compensation device is installed. (3) The rubber cushion roller moves 40mm horizontally to extend the service life of the rubber cushion. (4) Automatic repair device can improve the utilization rate of rubber mat for 3-4 times.

Die-cutting roller(down)
(1) Surface grinding, hard burning plating, (2) The lower roller is equipped with a plate-free slotting device. The template is not used in the standard slotting box to reduce the use cost. Four slotting knives are used to synchronously adjust the height of the box. (3)Equipped with roller lifting device, when there is no paperboard, the die roller will automatically drop to reduce the wear of rubber cushion roller.
Carton printer1
odel 1250mm



The machine width 2000/2600/2800/3000mm




Design speed 180piece/min



Economic speed 150piece/min



Maximum feed size 1700/2300/2600/2700mm



Minimum feed size




 paper thickness


Tinted precision

three color±0.5mm

Maximum printing area

1600/2200/2500/2600mm 1600/2200/2400/2600mm 1600/2200/2400/2800mm

The standard version of thickness


Axial adjustment of printing roller


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