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HCL-PP with carton baler

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Performance parameter:

Dimensions: L1170mmxW585mmxH1450mm/Box size: L1300mmxW700mmxH1600mm

Worktop height: 850mm

Weight-bearing capacity: 80kg

Net weight: 185kg

Bandwidth: 5mm-9mm

With plate: with coil width: 170mm-190mm

Roll-up core inner diameter: 200mm-210mm

Outer diameter with coil: 400mm-450mm

Banding specification: maximum packaging size: 1000mm

Adding method: hot melting method

Binding method: bottom bonding, bonding surface of 90%, bonding position deviation of 2mm

Tapping tightness: 0-45kg

Power: 600W, 4A

Power supply: 1P, 220V, 50Hz (standard reference to machine nameplate)

Adjustable options: frame specification, bandwidth

Electrical configuration:

Button switch: Siemens APT

PLC controller: Siemens

Relay: Schneider

Motor (single choice): MEIWA,  MCN

Noise: 75dB (A)

Ambient conditions: 90% humidity, temperature: 0-40℃


YH-500 fully automatic box-packing device

1.Power supply: AC 380V, 50 / 60Hz, 3,000 W

2.Compressed air pressure: 0.6MPa

3.Overall dimension: L 2800mm 2800mm H 1750mm- -2000mm

4.Countertop height: 780mm- -1100mm

5.Weight-bearing capacity: 80kg

6.Working speed: 12-18 pieces / min

7.Applicable object size: L (250~1100) mmW (320~1200) mmH (0~450) mm

8.Noise: 75dB (A)

9.Ambient conditions: 90% humidity, temperature: 0-40

10. Logistics is controlled by servo motor, which is faster and faster than ordinary motor, with high stability

11.. Logistics adopts universal wheel 360-degree steering.(Small footprint)

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