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High speed ink printing machine

Short Description:

Control system: using computer Delta PLC control system, can store 999 orders; Erase version memory, version change order fast, the whole machine to zero, automatic control version accuracy.

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Carton flexo printing slotting machinekappframework-YpUiJv(1)(1)

Machine functions:

 control system: using the computer Delta PLC control system, can store 999 orders; Erasure version memory, quick change order, the whole machine to zero, automatic version control precision.

 Paper Feeding Department: Adopt the leading edge feeding system of four axis roller with adsorption, front and back two rows, light pressure of upper and lower plastic shafts to feed paper, stable and accurate.

 Printing Department: Ink transfer system: Dalian anilox roller, Jizhou rubber roller, ink transfer and printing effect is excellent.

 Transmission gear: 40 chromium high quality alloy steel high frequency quenching processing, high precision grinding processing, high precision gear, wear resistance, stable and reliable transmission, up to the national level 6 standards.

 Electrical control: the national famous brand "Siemens" electrical appliances are stable and durable, convenient to purchase.

 Bearing using the famous Chinese brand, "Zhejiang Vientiane; High precision and long life.

 Transfer system: the spare transfer shaft and gear adopts key-free connection ring and cross slider transmission mechanism.

 Lubrication system: each unit adopts single oil pump to achieve circulating spray lubrication.


1 Color group  to be configured according to user's needs
2 Printing paper A,B,C, AB, B/C and A/B/C type corrugated paperboard ( the maximum interval 11mm )
3 Machine model 0920 1225 1425
4 Max.paper size 900x2200mm 1200x2600mm 1400x2600mm
5 Max.printing size 900x2000mm 1200x2500mm 1200x2500mm
6 Skip feeding paper 1100x2200mm 1400x2600mm 1600x2600mm
7 Min.paper size 260x500mm 380x650mm 380x650mm
8 Printing plate thickness 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm
9 Designspeed(piece/min) 200pcs/min 180pcs/min 160pcs/min
10 Economic speed(piece/min) 80-180pcs/min 80-160pcs/min 80-140pcs/min
11 Tinted precision 4(color)±0.5mm 4(color)±0.5mm 4(color)±0.5mm
12 Slotting precision ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
13 Max.slotting depth 7x220mm 7x300mm 7x350mm
    increase the blade,increase the slot depth
14 Min.Slot distance Positive knife

Negative knife

150x150x150x150mm250x90x250x90mm 170x170x170x170mm260x90x260x90mm 170x170x170x170mm260x90x260x90mm
15 Max.die-cutting size 800x2100mm 1100x2500mm 1300x2600mm
16 Printing plate diameter(contain plate thickness) ф 300mm ф 410mm ф 480mm

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