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High-speed carton linkage production line

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Carton automatic gluing machine design and manufacture for printing, slotting, folding, bonding and stacking. It has the ability to carry, apply glue, fold, and form several layers automatically. PLC control, touch screen operation and pre – storage and management of orders. Its high speed production capacity, rapidly changing orders and good stability can meet our carton customers’ requirements for shorter and shorter lead times.

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Features of the machine

1. This machine adopts the design concept of Korea Qinglong company, and adopts the combination wall panel to fix the folding arm, so that the folding arm can be stable and not vibrate.
2. The folding belt adopts separate power, which can prolong the service life of the belt and reduce the tightening of the belt.
3. This machine adopts rubber belt to transmit the paperboard to ensure the stability and rectifying function of the paperboard in the running process.
4. Computer automatic exchange orders, automatic storage orders and other functions.
5. The counting and discharging part adopts the way of feeding paper down parallel, so as to solve the problem of large difference of cardboard scissors.
6. The printing department and the pasting department can realize the differential linkage, the total width of the cardboard can be input, and the adhesive belt can automatically track, so as to realize the minimum distance between the cardboard and the cardboard directly 5-10cm, so as to reduce the speed of the belt, improve the speed of the pasting box, and reduce unnecessary belt wear.

Main models and Specifications

Machine speed: 200 m/min
Maximum paper size: 2000x 1000mm
Minimum paper size: 170x 450mm (inside included)
For paper: 3 layers, 5 layers less than 9mm
Bond: polyvinyl acetate emulsion PVA

1 .Work flow chart.



2. Function description of the box sticking machine

The gluing part: the gluing part adopts the non-stopping method or the gluing system to avoid the easy adjustment of the gap of the glue curing rubber wheel. Dial suitable for glue between 1 and 9mm thickness of cardboard. The amount of glue is easy to adjust.

In order to improve the speed of the bridge and flexographic printing slotting production speed synchronous adjustment. At the same time, the folding belt and the conveyor belt produce flexible printing slotting at almost the same speed, avoiding the folding machine and the waterborne printing slotting part being out of sync, which may cause the cardboard to get stuck, and achieving accurate delivery.

The upper and lower belt speed can be adjusted separately, that is, their speed is different, it can be adjusted to the same speed.

Folding board with or rubber drum, easy to adjust the folding Angle.

The feeding part adopts spring pressure to adjust the clearance, and the thickness of the paperboard is automatically adjusted between 1 and 9mm.

Cardboard stacking and counting pieces.

Stacking paperboard by mechanical way and sensor, realize automatic.

Counters (sensors) count the number of cartons, easy to set up and reliable.

Stacked cardboard uses computer counting and precise pushing.

3. The instruction manual

Technical data according to flexographic slotting specifications

Maximum speedmm 350
Minimum stacking heightmm 80
Maximum number of sheets in a pile (sheets) 10
Maximum paper size (mm) 1000x2200
Minimum paper size (mm) 170x450
Maximum size of glue side (mm) 700
Minimum size on the other side (mm) 65
Chief,m 10.5
Corrugated type A,B,C,E,A+B,B+C,B+E

Paper processing parameters

Schematic diagram of carton processing













Installation area (mm)


Motor power (KW)


Machine weight (T)


The machine can process 2-8mm three layer, five layer corrugated board

If the specification is special, we can design the machine according to the requirements

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