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Carton printing machine

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This machine is out in CE accordance with standard,it’s standardized, generalization, humanization. Man-machine integrated, according to the manufacture of mould directly in touch, set, amendment, execution, replacing, memory, it’s a economic machinery.

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This machine is out in CE accordance with standard,it's standardized, generalization, humanization. Man-machine integrated, according to the manufacture of mould directly in touch, set, amendment, execution, replacing, memory, it's a economic machinery.

Double system of touch screen and electric button control, keep the function of intelligence zero returning, memory reset and automatic order formation; can choose remote service system.

Screen ,PLC .transformer, servo motor use SIEMENS, Bosch, Yaskawa.

Transmission gears are made of high-quality alloy steel 20CrMnTi, the Rockwell hardness of the gears can get to HRC58-62 5. All roller and axle are conducted in a cutting machine, ensure thickness accordant .steady when high speed worK; After many attempts to deal with the stress quality, by grinding the surface processed on the protection when machining.

Apply the joining with non-keypiece so as to decrease the connection gap and long term register accuracy.

Driven by the institutions in the rain splashed against the device; lubrication systems automatically, install avert leaking oil sector.

Can choose chambered blade system, IR drying ,UV varnish.

Feeding function

■ Servo control lead edge, have responded to speed tprecision and positioning system stability and long usage life, that machine long-term stability.

■ With the cam replace the cxxnplex machinery of the cams control, feed axle and motor axle use synchronous driving belt linkage, eliminate gap when feeder wheel working, effectively improve feed accuracy, avert paper incline to left and right side.

■ Vacuum suction, can choose continuation feeder and skip feeder; install vacuum cleaner, and can adjust fan.

■ The special half wheel structure and quick change. let feeder wheel surface the fray accord; change resinic wheel easy and quickly, decrease adjust time, can user machine easy and economy.

■ Can set order,stop feeder v/hen accomplish work; left and right -baffle.kack-baffie position electric adjustment, the side of the frequency of their work can be set, achieve linkage work with automatic feeder.

■ Front and back rubber roller for feeder double roller structure, ensure correct In the paper tglue to the outside is soft and hard with a good stretch.

Ink printer2

Printing function

Ink printer3

■ Double system of touch screen and electric button control, can control print phase and axis position; print plate roller can memory and reset.

■ Operation face-plate setting ink roller and ink pump run or stop; every unit have emergency stop switch.

■ Anilox roller linkage lift of feeder unit, print plate gap electric adjust when inking; print plate roller gap electric adjust tand can adjust fan.

■ Rubber roller ink spillover system use new technics, not only flat color printing ,but also 60 line printing.

■ Can choose chambered blade, use installations that ink distribution avert leak for whole , prevent ink spillover good, Achieve 100 line printing easy ‘increase service life of blade and anilox roller.

■ Print phase use electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism, vrfien set separate can automatically lock the gear that can print plate position reset.

■ Install electric foot switch, can plate loading and adjust quickly .easy to change and dean print plate.

Slotting function

system of touch screen and electric button control ,can completed at the box, phase. the axis moves.

Configuration pressure quick adjust mechanism ,and can self-locking, ensure the plate and roller long-term precision, slow down damage to cardboard when groove.

a Up-groove wheel parcel the quality polyurethane .avoid cardboard hardness undermine.

Settings synchronous manner unified action by the axis moves, let up and down groove wheel ,up and down slot knife plate, oriented wheel adjust synchronous; Automatic wear-resistant mechanism, ensure longterm correct v/tien moves and raise durability.

Groove wheel and roller, slot wheel and roller use quality alloy steel products, surface grinding and hard chrome plating ; to move their respective balance.

Slotter knife use quality alloy steel products, the v/idth is 7mm.

Ink printer3

Die-cutter function

Ink printer3

Double system of touch screen and electric button control ,can control phase and axial of die cutter unit tand install the button to control print and slot unit .setting main motor run or stop, accelerate or decelerate.

Adopt unique internal striker compensation arrangement, when anvil have a change, can automatically line speed compensated, ensure the consistency of production, and increase anvil lifespan.

When die cutter began working, die cutter roller automatically promoted to the position, anvil cover roller access displacement stale; anvil cover and die cutter roller with differentiation speeds design; install anvil cover automated cutting repair institutions tcan repair anvil cover time and time again.

Die cutter roller, anvil cover roller use quality steel products,Quenching first and take place cutting for inside and outside by turning grinding processing and hard chrome, to move their respective balance.

Install the right deviation device for the vibration.

Can choose servo control speed compensated mechanism, can make a high accuracy carton.

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