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Manufactur standard Printing Slotter Die Cutting Machine - SMY1224 Automatic ink four color circular die printing machine – HengChuangLi

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Manufactur standard Printing Slotter Die Cutting Machine - SMY1224 Automatic ink four color circular die printing machine – HengChuangLi Detail:

Technical parameters:

Print group / color

It can be configured according to user needs

Printing paper

A. Corrugated board with pits B, C, a / B, B / C and a / B / C (maximum clearance 13mm)

Maximum mechanical speed

150 tablets / min

Economic speed

120 tablets / min

Maximum paper size


Maximum print size


Minimum paper size

Zhengdao 350 × 680mm; Counter knife 350 × 760mm

Standard printing thickness


Maximum paste box edge width


Slot width × Maximum depth

7mm×300mm(Can increase blade and groove depth)

Minimum slotting distance

zhengdao 160×160×160×160mm

fandao 300×60×300×60

Machine function:

Control system: it adopts the full computer Delta PLC control system, which can store 999 orders; Wipe version memory, quick order change, machine zero, automatic version control precision.
Paper feeding section: the front edge paper feeding system with adsorption auxiliary four-axis roller, two rows in front and back, and light pressure paper feeding with upper and lower rubber shafts are adopted for stable and accurate paper feeding.
Printing department: ink transfer system: Dalian anilox roller, Jizhou rubber roller, excellent ink transfer and printing effect.
Transmission gear: high frequency quenching treatment of 40 chromium high-quality alloy steel, high-precision gear grinding processing, high precision gear, strong wear resistance, stable and reliable transmission, reaching the national level 6 standard.
Electrical control: using the national famous brand “Siemens” electrical appliances, stable and durable, easy to purchase.
The bearing adopts the famous Chinese brand “Zhejiang Vientiane”; High precision and long service life.
Transmission system: the spare transmission shaft and gear adopt keyless connecting ring and cross slider transmission mechanism.
Lubrication system: each unit adopts a single oil pump to realize circulating spray lubrication.

Introduction to the functions of the paper feeding section:

1、 Leading edge feed
1. Leading edge feeding refers to the front edge of the paperboard as the benchmark, the speed of the paper feeding mode of the roller feeding is completely consistent with the speed of the paper feeding shaft. It is not affected by the cutting width error of paperboard, and the printing and slotting positioning are accurate.
2. Four axis roller leading edge paper feeding mechanism, multi wheel, multi-point suction paper feeding, high friction, high speed, stable and accurate paper feeding.
3. The air volume is adjusted by frequency conversion of air suction, the air volume of high-pressure centrifugal fan is large, and the air volume can be adjusted according to the warping degree of paperboard, so as to increase the stability and accuracy of thin paperboard and warped paperboard transmission.
2、 Feed roller
1. The front and back two rows, the upper and lower glue shafts press the paper lightly, the pressure is light, the friction force is big, the printing effect and the paperboard strength affected by the surface paper crush are effectively prevented, and the paper feeding accuracy is ensured.
2. The paper feeding cots are made of high elastic, wear-resistant natural rubber, high-temperature cast rubber, and processed by cylindrical and deep groove grinder for balance correction.
3、 Dust removal device: clean brush to sweep the debris on the surface of paperboard. Improve printing quality!
4、 Control function: touch screen centralized control, each unit phase, automatic zero, order storage, wipe plate memory.
2. Front panel control, host start, stop, host acceleration, deceleration and speed display. Acceleration, deceleration and speed display of paper feeding fan. The control of separate sheet feeding and continuous sheet feeding, with automatic counting function.
3. Side panel control, unit electric opening and closing alarm prompt, pneumatic locking, safe and reliable.
5、 1. The position of the side baffle is adjusted electrically and equipped with automatic aligning device.
2. Front back plate lifting turbine box adjustment, instrument handle display scale, accurate position, easy adjustment.


Printing Department:

1. Printing roller (plate roller)

1) High quality steel plate material, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
2) Balance correction, stable operation.
3) Ratchet fixed reel.
4) Full format groove, suitable for 9mm batten.
5) Fast loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch electric control forward and reverse.

2. Impression roller

1) The surface of steel pipe is ground and plated with hard chromium.
2) Balance correction, smooth operation.
3) The dial between the imprint roll and the printing roll shows manual adjustment, the adjustment range is 1-12mm, the cross slider and the sun rocker mechanism are adopted, and the transmission gear is always in the correct meshing state during the adjustment.

3. Metal roller. Optional (ceramic roller)

1) The steel pipe surface adopts advanced hard chromium plating process, which is hard, smooth and wear-resistant.
2) Dot consistent, ink uniform.
3) Extend the service life of printing plate and image cots.
4) Pneumatic lifting roller, to prevent printing plate repeated inking and short-term shutdown, multi roller hole ink drying.
5) The gap between the anilox roll and the printing roll is adjusted manually by the dial, with the adjustment range of 1-8mm. The cross slider is used to connect the transmission gear. The correct center distance meshing is always ensured during the adjustment.
6) Cooperate with pneumatic automatic lifting device of paper feeding system( When feeding, the anilox roll falls to contact with the plate. When stopping feeding, the anilox roll rises to separate from the plate.)

4. Feed shaft

1) Upper roller: seamless steel tube, equipped with three paper feeding wheels.
2) Lower roll: seamless steel pipe, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
3) The paper feeding roller gap dial is adjusted manually, the adjustment range is 1-12mm, and the cross slider is used to connect. When adjusting, the transmission gear always ensures the correct center distance meshing.

5.Ink supply system

1. Pneumatic diaphragm pump, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable ink supply.
2. Automatic cycle cleaning, automatic ink.
3. The filter screen filters impurities to ensure the printing quality.
4. The ink bucket is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode.

6. Phase adjustment mechanism

1. Planetary gear structure
2. Adjust the 360 degree position of the printing plate electrically( It can be operated or stopped.)
3. Equipped with 7.0 inch color touch screen, printing roller phase and horizontal adjustment, encoder signal transmission, all electric control.

7. Phase fixing system

1. Electromagnetic braking device.
2. The original meshing point of the transmission gear remains unchanged.


Function introduction of die cutting part:

1. Rubber pad roller and die cutting roller are all made of high quality materials. After surface grinding, hard chromium is plated.
2. Balance correction, increase the stability of operation.
3. The die cutting roller and the force glue can be automatically separated by the eccentric device of the cylinder without die cutting, which can reduce the machine’s empty load operation and extend the service life of the adhesive and cutter die.
4. Mechanical transmission can make the rubber move about 40mm, and the wear average distribution of the rubber roller can greatly improve the use time of the rubber roller.
5. The unique differential compensation device can make the superior force glue slide with the template regardless of the diameter of the rubber pad, so that the surface speed of the rubber pad is completely synchronized with the tool mold operation, and the size of the die-cut carton and the cutter die is identical.
6. Die cutting phase adopts PLC and electric digital input type 360 ° Adjust, transfer, straight, forward and reverse rotation can be operated.
7. The machine can be equipped with movable tool mould. Ordinary cartons do not need to make tool dies.
8. Movable knife plate can be adjusted horizontally manually with synchronous box height adjustment


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