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Use of printing press

[Printing press] is one of the highest utilization of all printing plant equipment. To ensure the normal operation of the printing press, daily maintenance and maintenance is essential and very necessary.
Taking hand screen printing machine as an example, the working principle of screen printing machine can be described as follows. Through the transmission mechanism to transfer the power, so that the scraper in
Motion extrusion ink and screen printing plate, screen printing plate and substrate to form a imprint line, due to the screen tension N1 and N2, the scraper force
E2. Elastic screen printing plate in addition to the imprint line is not in contact with the substrate, oil black in scraping the blackboard extrusion pressure, through the net, from the motion of the pressure
Printing line missing onto the substrate,
In the process of printing, screen printing plate and scraper relative movement, extrusion force F1 and resilience F2 also synchronous movement, screen under the action of resilience, timely return and substrate out of contact, so as not to rub the imprint dirty. Namely screen in the printing stroke, constantly in the deformation and rebound.
Flat screen surface screen printing refers to screen printing on cylindrical or conical surfaces with flat screen. Under certain conditions can also be elliptical surface, drum surface. Screen printing on curved surface. In the screen surface screen printing machine is the use of flat screen printing on the surface of the machine.
Flat surface screen printing machine working principle: A – roller bearing B – axis bearing C – Mosaic bearing. When printing, flat screen plate and substrate movement, and scraper static. Flat screen plate clamping on the screen frame by flat screen curved screen printing machine driven by uniform translation, due to the friction of the screen placed on the supporting device substrate rotation. The linear speed of the surface substrate at the embossing line is consistent with the moving speed of the flat screen printing plate to achieve scratch printing.
On the efGH which can fully contain the fan-shaped ABED, the printing plate corresponding to the fan-shaped is made. The right Angle rod is fixed on the plate EFGH, and the plate can be rotated fan-shaped with o as the axis. Then the same as the cylinder surface printing, in the bottom of the plate with 4 rollers to support the substrate, the scraper is fixed, according to the fan moving frame, scraper pressure can be conical version of the surface printing. When printing, conical bearing printing in a certain scraper pressure and screen printing plate line contact; When the screen printing plate around the axis of fan-shaped figure for horizontal fan-shaped movement, substrate for synchronous rotation on the support device: ink in the squeegee, leakage to the substrate surface, complete printing.

Post time: May-09-2022