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Brief introduction,working principle and structure of corru

Brief introduction

According to the corrugated board production process, the corrugated board production line is composed of two relatively independent wet end equipment and cadre part. The wet end equipment mainly includes base paper carrier, automatic paper receiving machine, preheating and pre setting, single side corrugated machine, paper conveying overpass, gluing machine, double-sided machine, etc. the wet end equipment makes the corrugated base paper from different corrugated cardboard; the cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cutting Machine, longitudinal cutting indentation machine, horizontal cutting machine, stacker, etc.
The corrugated board production line is the key equipment of corrugated box production enterprises. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition, facing the corrugated box users' orders with multiple specifications, small quantity and fast delivery, it is necessary to improve the automation of the corrugated board production line, improve the production management level of the corrugated board production line, improve the quality, improve the efficiency, save energy and save energy The key to achieve this goal is to reduce manpower, reduce supply and reduce waste. Cadre equipment is the key to achieve this goal, including upgrading the cadres who deal with the old production line equipment in cadre corrugated box enterprises. The new production line should be equipped with automatic cadre equipment and production management system.

Working principle

Tile line is the abbreviation of corrugated board production line. It is an assembly line formed by the process of corrugating, gluing, laminating, separating paper line, cutting specification board and final output. For example, the single-sided corrugated paper production line is usually composed of a web support, a single-sided corrugated board forming machine and a rotary cutting machine, which uses the web paper material and potato and corn starch adhesive to continuously produce the single-sided corrugated board of the required specifications. The paperboard production does not need to be dried, and it can produce more than three layers of corrugated board when used with glue machine or veneering machine at the same time.

Wet end equipment configuration

Wet end equipment is the key equipment of corrugated paper production line. It mainly involves the influence of paper, glue, steam and other factors on paper forming quality. The key equipment of wet end single end face corrugator should be advanced technology and positive pressure card type single end face machine. The numerical display of adjustable gap and the control of gluing amount are very important.

Cadre equipment configuration

Among the cadres' equipment, the slitting machine is the equipment that affects the production efficiency, and its selection is very important. The knife should be movable. When dust-proof treatment of the cutter and guide rail, it should be considered to purchase Taiwan ceramic tile, because in actual use, the grinding knife will fall on the smooth guide rail, which will cause the tool or roller to move and hard arrange the cutter to stop frequently. The minimum distance between rollers shall ensure the actual value of positioning mode and accuracy at 50 mm.

Production management system

In addition to monitoring the production site, the production management system should also have complete production data collection, statistics and print output.

Post time: Mar-31-2021