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Classification and characteristics of packaging machinery

Packaging machinery in a broad sense, including all the machinery and equipment used in the packaging industry. It is generally divided into machinery for processing packaging materials and containers and machinery for completing the packaging process. So, let’s understand the classification and characteristics of packaging machinery!

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First, the technical development trend of packaging machinery

1) Improve the serialization, standardization and universalization of packaging machinery products and speed up the upgrading of equipment. In order to meet the needs of production and market development, it will be an important development direction to establish a modern packaging machinery structure system with combination or modularization. The basic idea of composition is to select and design a series of units with independent functions (or a combination of units including special units, general units and standard units) according to the application scope of the given packaging products. Considering the actually need to be integrated into different USES its advantage in packaging machine, in large part the upper now packaging varieties more, easy production, wide range of parameter variation, easy adjustment, high automation level, reliable operation, have certain flexibility more HuanXing multifunctional automatic packaging and the process of the development of automatic packaging production line. The enterprises adopting this measure greatly reduce the design workload, is beneficial to the organization of production, shorten the research and development cycle, and reduce the cost.

2) Improve the operation speed and packaging quality of packaging machinery, reduce waste and various losses, and meet the needs of bulk product packaging. Reduce operating costs to meet seasonal and timely packaging needs. Therefore, the packaging machine transmission system, working mechanism and control and detection system put forward high requirements. With the comprehensive application of machine, electricity, light, liquid and gas technology and the popularization of micro-electronic technology, the technical performance of packaging machine has been improved. At present, the key technology of the main attack of high-speed packaging machine is the automatic summary, supply and output of finished products of packaging materials, packaging containers and packaged goods. Automatic adjustment of monomer, combined machine and automatic line and automatic processing of fault and product replacement; Non-contact, non-destructive automatic detection of packaging quality, automatic removal of unqualified products, and random automatic adjustment of relevant parameters, can maintain normal working conditions; New proposals for flexible production equipment for multiple varieties.

3) High and new technology has been widely promoted and applied in packaging machinery. High productivity and high sealing quality can be obtained by using heat pipe technology in sealing machine. X-ray detection device is used for testing liquid level height and vacuum degree in beverage cans, heat sealing quality of plastic bags, etc. Laser technology for continuous supply of plastic bottles, glass bottles defect and size detection, marking photography. Optical fiber is used for automatic detection of notch and twig making in filter winding and packaging machine. Image recognition technology is used to automatically detect, classify and screen the shape, size, surface defects and markings of products such as tablets, melons, fruits and fish. Numerical control technology is used for precise control of mechanism motion. Robots are used for aseptic packaging systems and assembly work. Artificial intelligence and fuzzy control technology can improve the quality and speed of packaging, self-diagnosis ability, shorten the downtime. Online display and network automation of production management, in any case, to information technology, biotechnology, new materials and new energy technology as the main content of the global new technology revolution has made a huge breakthrough, these achievements will continue to be applied to the packaging system, its face will undergo huge changes.

Two, packaging machinery development goals

1. Total output value and varieties of packaging machinery industry

After 2000, the total output value of packaging machinery industry still accounted for more than 8% of the total output value of packaging industry. Therefore, in 2000 and 2010, the total output value of machinery packaging industry will reach 20 billion yuan and 40 billion yuan respectively (according to 1990 constant price calculation). The variety of its products reached more than 1500 kinds, of which 20% should be close to the international advanced level at that time.

2. Key points of packaging machinery development

1) Corrugated production, box making (box), printing workshop. Focus on developing more than 2000mm wide, 5 layers, 7 layers, 9 layers and high strength corrugated board production equipment and various types and specifications of box (box) complete sets of equipment, as well as moisture-proof, printing, box making and other functions of multi-functional equipment.

2) Environmental protection packaging machinery. To develop production equipment of various small packaging paper bags and packaging equipment of paper-based materials as packaging materials (containers) to meet the requirements of environmental protection. We will promote and improve cellular panel manufacturing technology and speed up the use of paper to replace product packaging. Promote and improve the pulp molding manufacturing technology, expand the application, such as electronic product packaging development.

3) Pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging materials. Accelerate the development of high-speed, automatic, multi-functional packaging machinery and its supporting packaging materials that meet the requirements of medical packaging and hygiene.

4) Beer and beverage filling equipment. Focus on the development of small and medium-sized beer and beverage filling equipment of less than 50,000 tons/year, and large beer and beverage filling equipment of more than 100,000 tons/year (including container, unpacking, sterilization, labeling, in-situ cleaning, etc.). The main development of high-speed, low power consumption, measurement accuracy, automatic detection of multi-functional automatic large complete sets of equipment.

5) Weighing filling equipment. Develop all kinds of weighing and filling equipment, focus on improving speed and accuracy, stability and reliability. The computer controlled weighing machine is developed to meet the requirements of high speed and high precision for irregular material weighing.

6) Bag forming (filling) sealing machine. Develop series of products, solve the adaptability, auxiliary and reliability problems of materials, adopt advanced technology, improve speed. In order to meet many milk powder, detergent and other powder automatic packaging requirements, as soon as possible to develop reliable performance of high level of powder automatic packaging equipment.

7) Aseptic packaging equipment. Existing aseptic packaging equipment to narrow the gap with the international advanced level, improve speed, improve performance. Large bag aseptic packaging technology and equipment need to be developed. Develop semi-liquid aseptic packaging equipment and serialize aseptic packaging equipment.

8) Packaging equipment. In addition to ethylene packaging equipment, we should also pay attention to the development of origami packaging equipment. Vigorously develop various auxiliary devices supporting packaging equipment to expand the application of main functions.

9) Vacuum and ventilation packaging equipment. Develop continuous or semi-continuous vacuum packaging equipment with large bag capacity and high speed ventilation packaging equipment to fill the required gas into the bag in proportion.

10) Decomposing — assembling equipment. Develop multifunctional equipment that can decompose large pallet and stack unit pallet. The development of a series of unpacking (box) filling) sealing equipment and box plate is packaged in the box packaging machinery.

The above is the classification and characteristics of packaging machinery, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time Dongguang Hengchuangli Carton Machinery Co., LTD!

Post time: Nov-13-2021