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Common problems and maintenance methods of corrugated board production line

1 Common faults and troubleshooting methods in the corrugating process
1.1 The height of the corrugation is not enough, the reason may be that the pressure or temperature is too low, or the moisture content of the paper is too high. The solution is to adjust the pressure or roll temperature, or reduce the speed of the car, to allow the paper to dry.
1.2 The height of the corrugated paper is not uniform, and the two sides of the extruded corrugated paper are fan-shaped with different lengths. This is due to the poor parallelism of the corrugating roll or uneven pressure at both ends. If the corrugated paper on the left is shorter than the right, the left side of the upper corrugating roller should be raised appropriately, otherwise the adjustment should be reversed.
1.3 The corrugated paper is curled into a cylindrical shape, the main reason is that the temperature difference between the upper and lower rollers is too large. The working conditions of the heating sources in the upper and lower rollers should be checked. Perhaps one of them is faulty and can be repaired or replaced.
1.4 The corrugated paper sticks to the surface of the corrugated roll. This phenomenon occurs when the temperature of the roll surface is too high or the moisture content of the base paper is too high. At this time, the temperature of the roller surface should be adjusted to make the paper dry before corrugating. If the scraper does not fit the roller groove, it should be adjusted or replaced.


Post time: Jan-24-2022