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Corrugated board machinery: Corrugated board production line FAQ and maintenance tips

Corrugated board machinery: Corrugated board production line FAQ and maintenance tips

In the production process of corrugated paper, there are sometimes some production problems. If it can not be solved in time, the whole production process will be forced to stop, affecting the shipment of cardboard.

1. Common faults and troubleshooting methods in the process of corrugated cardboard machining

1.1 Ripple height is insufficient

This could be because the pressure or temperature is too low, or the paper contains too much water. The solution is to adjust the pressure or roll temperature, or reduce the speed, so that the paper can be dry.

1.2 Corrugated height is not uniform, pressed corrugated paper is fan-shaped, with different lengths on both sides

This is due to the difference in parallelism of the corrugated roll or the uneven pressure at both ends. If the left corrugated paper is shorter than the right corrugated paper, the left side of the upper corrugated roll should be appropriately raised, otherwise it will reverse adjustment.

1.3 Corrugated paper crimped into cylindrical, the main reason is the temperature difference between the upper and lower rollers is too large

Check the working condition of the upper and lower roller heating source. If one of them fails, it can be repaired or replaced.

1.4 Corrugated paper adhesion on the surface of corrugated roller

This phenomenon occurs when the roller surface temperature is too high or the water content of the base paper is too high. At this point, the surface temperature of the drum should be adjusted so that the paper can be pressed down after drying. If the scraper does not match the roller groove, it should be adjusted or replaced.

2. Maintenance and maintenance methods of corrugated board machinery corrugated roller

2.1 Before use, check the parallelism and fastening of corrugated rollers and adjust the matching pressure between rollers.

2.2 When using, pay attention to fully lubricate the corrugated roll

Spraying a small amount of oil mist or antifriction agent on the surface of corrugated rolls in production will reduce the wear between corrugated rolls and prevent the occurrence of corrugated paper damage and foaming.

2.3 After use, remove the matching pressure and clean the surface of the roller

Do not wash the surface of the high temperature drum with water, otherwise it will deform the drum and accelerate the wear.

2.4 Periodic Maintenance

Normally, corrugated rolls can produce about 20 million meters of corrugated board. If 50,000 meters of corrugated board are produced every day, it will be polished and repaired after about a year. After grinding, the diameter of corrugating roller is reduced by about 1.0 mm, the corrugating coefficient is increased, and the amount of base paper and adhesive is also increased.

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