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Corrugated cardboard production line failures and countermeasures


There will be Corrugated cardboard production line equipment

many failures in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard, including raw material problems, adhesive problems, mechanical problems, operational technical problems and

The problem of training degree, in today’s market demand, especially in the production process control, is particularly required to be minimized as soon as possible. Quality problems caused by the above failures

The amount and frequency of scrapping caused is a top priority. After the company’s research and decision, the technical department compiles this countermeasure to solve the urgent need of production and achieve the purpose of reducing control costs.

1. Corrugated paper breakage This is an important indicator to identify the adaptability of corrugated paper.
The reason for its shape:

1 side machine preheat tension

2. Corrugated paper brake

3 Bending and shearing forces when entering the upper and lower corrugating rolls
Cause Solution
①The quality of the corrugated base paper is not good ①Replace the corrugated base paper
➁The corrugating roller is worn out ②Simple repair or replacement of the corrugating roller
③The gap between the corrugated rollers is too small ③To correct and adjust the gap between the corrugated rollers

(4) Mechanical damage in operation (4) check and repair mechanical damage caused by improper
⑤ Brake is too tight ⑤ Reduce the air brake pressure to reduce brake tightness
⑥ Preheat the packet Angle is too large. ⑥ Reduce the preheat packet Angle
Two, corrugated corrugate
Cause Solution
(1) There are wet spots or material spots on corrugated base paper in the direction of copying or copying. (2) Increase the preheater package Angle
(2) the braking force of corrugated base paper is not strong (2) increase the braking force balance tension
The parallelism of corrugated roll is not good. The parallelism of corrugated roll is corrected or adjusted

Post time: Jun-30-2022