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Corrugated cardboard production line

With the development of society, people put forward higher and higher requirements for the quality of packaging products. In response to the development of high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption in the carton industry
Demand, the automatic glue and nail all-in-one machine is gradually becoming a new favorite for the upgrading of carton factories. Hengchuangli Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading brand of printing into
After the type part, the first fully automatic nail gluing machine has been updated for many years, and the technical level of the equipment is not lower than the international leading level.
Hengchuangli Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises that developed a fully automatic glue-nail integrated machine in the domestic carton industry. In 2009, the first company was successfully introduced to the market.
This equipment is in line with the upgrading trend of carton companies, and meets the needs of most carton companies to reduce manpower and improve efficiency.
As (Hengchuangli Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) developed…

(Fully automatic nail gluing machine) type full computer operation, stable quality, fast speed, to achieve economic benefits,
Greatly save manpower. It can realize three nails that can be nailed, pasted and pasted in one machine, and can complete the order change setting in 3-5 minutes, and can be mass-produced. Buy
The main reason for Li paper in Thailand is the higher level of bursting strength of dry cartons combined in Thai durian and other fruit and vegetable boxes. This important high penetration book and implementation also requires
Ensure the carton forming effect. AS-2009S/G fully meets the production needs of customers and is favored by customers.

Post time: May-05-2022