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How much is a carton ink printing machine? What should I pay attention to

Carton press - is a necessary equipment for every carton factory, no matter the new carton customers, or already produced carton enterprises, are familiar with carton press. Because of the demand of carton printing press, many new manufacturers directly ask: “How much is the carton ink printing press per day?” . The industry basically will not consult this way, because the carton printing press configuration is flexible, the whole machine equipment is customized according to customer needs, unlike the general type of finished products have a fixed price, the need for customers to provide accurate carton specifications and production requirements, in order to get the price of carton printing press.

When buying carton ink printing press, do not pay too much attention to the price, while ignoring other important details, we share below, only for your reference, hope to help you.

Carton flexo printing machine

1. Determine the needs of carton printing press

Carton printing machine configuration, according to customer requirements, the design of a variety of configuration. For example: monochrome ink printing presses, two-color ink printing presses, three colors, and even more colors. When you want to consult the price, you must know how many colors you need, and then you need to choose the die cutting and slotting function. You need to see the shape and specifications of the processing carton, and you need to determine the production capacity. The production capacity of the chain ink printing press is low, and the feed and processing speed of the leading edge ink printing press is fast. Determine their own equipment needs, according to their own requirements to find matching equipment, and finally ask the price.

2, tangible price, intangible brand

After getting detailed configuration of carton press, do not blindly pursue low price, price is tangible, there is a high and low deviation is very big, but we also have to consider the quality, brand is an intangible thing, but brand carton press does let customers worry, equipment production material, configuration, after-sales and other issues brand machine are very reliable, If you choose the strength of a small enterprise, the failure problem will be more difficult, we purchase any equipment is a high frequency of use, rather than like a collection to do decoration, so we must consider the comprehensive index.

Post time: Feb-21-2023