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How to improve the processing effect of paper laminating machine

(1) spray powder as little as possible when printing, otherwise it will cause empty bubble at the pile powder. In the veneer machine processing should be dusted off, print can be hung to dry to powder processing, print can be wiped manually.

(two) the pressure should be adjusted according to the product situation, the general pressure of coated paper should be smaller than offset paper, thin paper is smaller than thick paper.

(three) film tensioning should be appropriate, generally to maintain normal work, no lag is appropriate. If it’s too tight, the product will curl. If it’s too loose, it will wrinkle.

(four) humidity is generally slightly smaller than the printing workshop is appropriate, too much humidity will cause deformation or even wrinkles in the product after the completion of processing will cause crimping. Humidity is too small to produce static electricity in the veneer process, so that the last process is affected.

(5) at the right temperature control cover machine at the same time also should use the appropriate pressure, because the surface of the paper itself is not flat, only in the appropriate pressure, hot melt adhesive is in the process of out of print surface air fully wetting, the paper print to print and produce gel molecular diffusion of the ink film, paper, achieve good bonding, Realize the complete coverage of the whole surface of printed matter.

(six) to veneer products must be straight, fllotus and tight edge phenomenon of not straight paper to be processed. Flounces paper can be baked, tight paper can be hung.

(7) The veneer can be used for processing after the imprinting is dried completely, otherwise it will cause bubbling or hair-pulling phenomenon.High speed light rigid laminating machine

Post time: Nov-18-2021