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Reduce the necessity of corrugated production line shutdown!

To reduce the closing rate of corrugated production line, we must do a good job in the maintenance of tile line machinery and equipment, make full use of the characteristics of machinery and equipment, improve productivity is a reasonable strategy to reduce product costs. Maintenance is carried out by the actual operation staff and supervised by the machinery and equipment managers, especially the rolling bearing polishing of industrial equipment to ensure that the machinery and equipment operate well. Secondary maintenance is carried out by equipment maintenance and management staff with the help of actual operation staff.

Carry out professional calculation of the total area of cardboard, so as to control the total area of production and processing of cardboard and reduce the excess consumption of raw materials. When the corrugating machine is arranged, it should be put together with the same paper plate and the same wide original paper, and the width is from wide to narrow, so as to reduce the frequency of paper change and single change.NCBD-THIN-BLADE-SLITTER-SCORER

Abnormal shutdown of corrugated production line will cause a lot of waste, and will lead to reduced productivity, so that the production and manufacturing costs rise. Should be based on the five factors of people, machine, material, method and ring, to find the key reason for tile line shutdown, and then one by one processing. In fact, in order to better reduce product costs, it is necessary to ensure that the production and manufacturing of effective scheduling, as far as possible to different customers with the same quality level of carton production and processing distribution in the production and manufacturing. In order to reduce the product cost more reasonably, it is also necessary to integrate the specifications of cardboard boxes and other elements, so that the waste caused by cardboard thread at least.

Post time: Oct-02-2021