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The single machine

Single sided corrugating machine

1. Smoking and open fire are strictly prohibited in the workshop, and mosquito coil incense is strictly prohibited in night shift. It is strictly forbidden to dry clothes, objects or warm themselves on the corrugated roller drying paper bar to avoid fire.
2, live conductor exposed part of the human body should not touch, control cabinet, electrical cabinet is prohibited to open at will, in order to avoid electric shock accident.
3, often clean the dust on the electrical components, and strictly abide by the principle of first off the power supply after cleaning and maintenance, to prevent all kinds of safety hazards caused by the short circuit caused by dust.
4, each machine operator is prohibited to wear gloves, do not close to the roller and corrugated roller, if there is paper rolled into the roller or corrugated roller must stop after taking out.
5. During working hours, operators should tighten their hair and clothes to prevent safety accidents from being caught by the running machine.
6. Single-sided machine operators are not allowed to be distracted during working time. They are not allowed to talk to others while working, nor are they allowed to play jokes. Do not leave work without permission, do not open other people’s machines.
7, in the process of operation found machine failure should be immediately shut down, not sick operation.
8, each machine is not allowed to put water cups, food and other sundries unrelated to work.
9. After the work is finished, the pulp plate and the pulp roll must be cleaned to prevent corrosion. When cleaning, the sizing mechanism should be moved backward to start the pulp motor for cleaning.
10, the staff should clean the fuselage after work, clean around the machine, oil the machine at a certain point, wipe with a cloth must be shut down, before leaving the lights, fans and circuit motor power supply.

Post time: Sep-19-2021