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What is the reason for poor printing?

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In addition to paper problems and offset problems, the handling of poor inking in printing generally involves the technical treatment of inking rollers (anilox rollers) on carton printing equipment.

In high-standard carton printing, the inking roller adopts an anilox roller with 250 lines or more. However, the mesh holes are easily blocked by ink residue, resulting in uneven ink application, insufficient ink volume, and shallow ink.

The general method is to use clean water cleaning, scrubbing with non-naive water or scrubbing with detergent, but the effect is not ideal. A new anilox roll has been used for less than a month, and the effect is obviously not as good as before.

We conducted in-depth research experiments based on customer feedback and found that the following methods can effectively solve the problem of poor ink printing on cartons:

1. When the ink pump is installed in the carton printing equipment assembly, a filter is directly connected to it, and the filter is placed in the ink bucket to prevent impurity particles in the ink from entering the anilox roller.

2. Make a cycle (half a month) and use anilox roller deep cleaning agent for cleaning.

3. Clean the anilox roller with clean water circulation every day after get off work, and check the mesh of the inking roller with a 60-100 times magnifying glass. There should be no ink residue, such as partial ink residue, immediately wipe it with a deep cleaning agent.

Through the maintenance of the above points, the inking effect of the anilox roller is always maintained well.

Post time: Jan-09-2023