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Double preheater

Short Description:

Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
Diameter: 400 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm.

preheat roll meets national standards for a class of pressure vessels, pressure vessel together with a certificate and inspection certificate.
After each roller surface grinding and precision grinding hard chrome plating, small surface friction, durable.
electric adjustment corners, corners can be rotated to adjust the paper is heated in the range of 360° area.

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Structural features

The preheating roller adopts butterfly type head design, which conforms to the national standard of a class of pressure vessels and comes with a pressure vessel certificate.

The surface of each roll after precision grinding and hard chromium plating treatment, small surface friction, durable.

Electric adjustment of the wrapping Angle, the wrapping Angle can rotate in the 360° range to adjust the paper heating area.

Double speed reducer is used to adjust the Angle of the package, with self-locking function.

Technical parameters

Work width: 1400-2500mm

Preheating roller diameter: ¢600-1100mm

Angle axis diameter:¢85mm×2 for Angle shaft diameter

Steam temperature: 150-200℃

Steam pressure: 0.8-1.3mpa

Motor Power: 250W short time (S2) working system

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