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Double head press type box pasting machine

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Due to the use of manual folding, the machine improves the work efficiency and is also suitable for automatic processing of indentation line is not straight, special shaped and paper window products

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Machine features


Of BZD pressure jewels sticky box machine is my company according to customer's need the latest development of small and medium-sized order, it has small volume covers an area of less easy operation does not need to experience: very suitable for small batch products and varieties replacement: wide applicable scope: ordinary carton, color box sheet forming glue, equipped with automatic spray glue device can do after trench box and cover paper boxes: save the glue: The amount of glue is only equivalent to 1/3 of manual gluing: save labor: the maximum speed of the machine is 56 meters/min, the efficiency is 3-4 times of manual operation: the bonding is firm, neat and no glue overflow: Patent double head grinder can be very good to grind the sticky mouth to remove uv light film layer or peritoneal plastic layer to improve the glue adhesion, remove the carton factory in some seasons cartons easy to open the problem. This machine because of the use of manual folding to improve the work efficiency at the same time is also suitable for full automata processing of indentation line is not straight, special special-shape and paper surface of the window products

Technical parameters

Mode                            LW1500                                LW1800
Max size of box                       1500 x 1100mm                            1800 x 1100mm
Min size of box                         200 x 260mm                               200 x 260 mm
Power                          3.2 kw                                 3.2 kw
Overall size                 2200 x 1900 x 1300                         2200 x 2400 x 1300

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