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  • Double servo semi automatic single nail box machine

    Double servo semi automatic single nail box machine

    ★Mechanical speed: 800 nails/min.
    ★Nail distance: 30-120mm can be adjusted arbitrarily.
    ★Electric adjustment of the gap of the pressure paper rubber wheel.
    ★Effective height of worktable lifting: 900mm.
    ★The size of the machine area: 2.8×2.7×2 meters for the host.
    ★Machine weight: 2 tons.
    ★Order-style adjustment of the whole machine, 100 orders can be stored.

  • ZJ-V5B-V6B Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

    ZJ-V5B-V6B Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

    width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Purpose and Characteristics:

    The sturcture is double rotary shafts with four arms; Support two paper mill rolls on both arms at the same time.
    Hydraulic control for paper mill roller up-down, clamp-open and centering.
    Web tension is controlled by pneumatic brake or manual brake; Springiness chucks are optional.
    Effective width: 900 mm – 2550 mm; Maximum paper roll diameter: φ1500 mm.
    Maximum support weight: 3T.

  • Carton printing machine

    Carton printing machine

    This machine is out in CE accordance with standard,it’s standardized, generalization, humanization. Man-machine integrated, according to the manufacture of mould directly in touch, set, amendment, execution, replacing, memory, it’s a economic machinery.

  • Right Angle Stacking Machine

    Right Angle Stacking Machine

    The 14 channel welded. Electric adjustment board size, pneumatic control horizontal output board, electrically adjustable conveyor speed.
    cardboard or height to the desired number of copies required by the foot switch control out of the cardboard.
    longitudinal splicing using wide flat belt conveyor transport.

  • Thin Knife Slitter Scorer

    Thin Knife Slitter Scorer

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Electric right-left moving.
    Option: electric adjusting blade.
    overcome the conventional pole type, pressure line slitting phenomenon occurs when crushed cardboard cutting, cutting board smooth, quality has improved significantly.
    machine can move around to adjust reduction gear.
    easy to adjust the cutter and pressure lines, error ±0.5mm, automatic sharpening device, you can achieve regular sharpening, and intermittent Brothers and other features.
    The machine uses 5 8 pressure wire cutter blade with tungsten alloy production, life is not less than 3 million running meters.

  • DF heavy-duty conveyor bridge

    DF heavy-duty conveyor bridge

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    Work for 2 layer, 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer production line.

    independent inverter motor lifting mechanism, PVC conveyor belt, into a single watt wavy cardboard stable rules.

    All roller surface after grinding hard chrome plating.

    tension control vacuum suction duct 5 inches, plus regulating valves, air flow infinitely adjustable.

    electric correction device two sets of double guide posts corrective baffle positioning, screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, running smoothly.

  • Heavy Duty Single Face Papberboard Cutter

    Heavy Duty Single Face Papberboard Cutter

    ※ Technology and parameters:

    1, effective width :2000mm machine speed :80m/min

    2, minimum cutter length :300mm maximum cutter length :9000mm cutter accuracy :±1.5mm is uniform

    ※ Motor power and electrical parameters:

    1, Main drive motor power :3KW full AC synchronous servo control

    2. Power of drawing and feeding motor :3KW(frequency)

  • DM-DL Lift Tacking Machine

    DM-DL Lift Tacking Machine

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    For 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer corrugated paperboard production line.

    Using five high-strength belt conveyor, closed-loop variable frequency control, automatic counting precision, smooth delivery, rapid separation and transported to the basket.
    the sun wheel pressure does not damage the cardboard paper. Carbon fiber pressure strip strong wear.
    This car automatic adjustment with the order structure, size, can be scattered orders, staggered stacking.
    This basket of transverse using nylon plastic track output, does not damage the bottom paper.
    the elevator servo control lifting cradle, reasonable weight structure, to achieve the best effect of energy-saving, basket cross, by the platform of the crawler power transfer to next procedure.
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  • NCRW cutting off machine (helix blade)

    NCRW cutting off machine (helix blade)

    Product Attributes
    Max. design speed: Helical knives 150 m/min; 180 m/minute.
    Effective width: 1400 mm – 2500 mm.
    store 200 orders, replace cutter specifications quickly and accurately, non-stop for a single, and enables networked computers to facilitate production management.
    knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel high-frequency hardening, backlash-free transmission, the use of advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy and long life.
    Using serrated knife, reducing cardboard resistance, low noise.
    are used around the feed roller platen way the sun wheel, transmission smooth, uniform pressure, not easy to crush plate board or cause blockage.
    The model is brake energy storage (non-dynamic braking), the energy consumption in the production process, the average power consumption is an ordinary NC cutter 1/3, save power more than 70 percent to save money goals.
    Precision adjustable no gap gear to ensure precise blade engagement, running balance.
    The independent pump and filter with two copper distribution in each gear position oil.

  • NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

    NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer


    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    4 blade 6 scorers, 5 blades 8 scorers.

    can store 999 orders for a single non-stop automatically or manually for a order.
    for a single fast 3-8 seconds for a single time, the two machines can be achieved with no slow down immediately for a single.
    automatic tracking production line speeds, ensure their synchronization.
    imports of high-quality and high-performance industrial computer programmable controller configuration, lower computer control system.
    three kinds of pressure line forms: convex on concave (three lines), convex on the concave (five lines), convex on the flat, all three pressure lines can form an electric conversion. Creasing wheel depth by computer control, linear, easy to bend.
    The thin tungsten steel alloy blade, blade sharp, long life of more than 8 million meters.
    Brothers is computer-controlled, automatic or manual knife sharpener, you can trim the edge of the Brothers, improve production efficiency.
    imported synchronous drive unit, semi-precision, long life, low noise operation.


  • GM-D heavy gluing machine

    GM-D heavy gluing machine

    Product Attributes

    Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
    For 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer corrugated cardboard production line.

    glue roller surface after quenched, bore machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved pit style textured, coating evenly, consume less plastic.
    glue roller rotation frequency motor control, frequency control to ensure the glue roller line speed and duplex synchronous machines, and can operate independently.
    electric adjustment digital glue. Automatic cycle for glue, glue avoid sedimentation and viscosity stability.
    pneumatic platen structure, the gap by the electric tuning. Upper and lower layer are used independently variable frequency motor drive.
    sided machine speed signal measurements taken in order to achieve its synchronous operation. Man-machine interface display, easy operation.
    control automatically adjusts the amount of adhesive, glue quantity with production speed, automatic adjustment, in automatic mode, you can also get in manual tuning.

  • auto splicer

    auto splicer

    Width: 1400-2500 mm.
    Features: Applicable maximum paper diameter: 1500 mm.
    The paper holder has automatic tension control, high-speed paper splicing, and high success rate.
    No tail splicing, reducing paper consumption (the overlapped part of paper and tape is only 40mm wide).
    Paper pick-up, automatic rewinding, vacuum suction, convenient paper loading, automatic tension control splicing zero turnover.
    Full PLC automatic control, accurate, less faults, and convenient maintenance.
    When the paper is first pulled, the buffer wheel is automatically aligned and the paper is pulled easily.
    Advantages of the machine The cylinder of the high-speed welding machine controls the welding torque to be normal, and the motor control will not cause stone crushing or blistering.
    The maximum splicing speed is 150 m/min.