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  • DM-XLM Automatic small gantry stacking machine

    DM-XLM Automatic small gantry stacking machine

    The gantry type stacking. Change order time 5 seconds, automatic counting, automatic horizontal out, automatic change order.

  • NCBD thin blade slitter scorer(Zero Pressure Line)

    NCBD thin blade slitter scorer(Zero Pressure Line)

    Synchronous servo motor control row of knives, cable. Automatic reset. Precise dimensions.change order time 3-8 seconds,the two machines can be achieved with no slow down immediately for a single memory of 999 order,non-stop automatic change order or manual change order can be realized.

  • Electric bracket

    Electric bracket

    The symmetrical structure can be installed with two bundles of paper cylinders at the same time, which can be used for paper changing without stopping the machine; the mechanical drive is used to complete the clamping, lifting, loosening, moving, centering, left and right translation of the base paper.

  • Five layers of corrugated boar

    Five layers of corrugated boar

    • Product Description
    General technical parameters:

    1. Working width: 2200mm

    2. Operating direction: left or right (according to customer’s workshop)

    3. The highest height: 4700mm

    4. Working speed: 150m/min

  • Three ply corrugated board

    Three ply corrugated board

    Model: WJ150-1800 - I type three layer corrugated board production line:

    1、  Maximum production width of corrugated board1800mm

    2、 Design speed150m/min            

    3、 Economic speed 100-120m/min      

    Note: line speed test paper should meet the following requirements: (equipment surface temperature is not lower than 172 or above)

    *The original paper grade shall not be less than the amount of water in grade B

    *The water content of the original paper is about 11% ± 2%

    *Surface paper: 100—250g/m2

    *core paper:100—250g/m2                

    *Tile paper: 100-200g/m2                     

    4Corrugated combination: A, C, B, E (or selected by the customer)

    5Steam requirement:        

    *Steam in 1500-2000 kg/Hr

    *Top pressure: 1.2Mpa             

    * pressure: 0.8-1.1Mpa           

    6Power supply380V     50Hz           Three phase four wire system

    7、The total power about 150KW     The practical power about 80KW(full speed)

    8Equipment cover an area of about 52m×10m×5mThe specific length is based on the foundation of foundation

    9、Paper direction: drive left or right set according to the user factory

    10Equipment applicability, usable A, B, C grade domestic original paper or imported original paper

  • ZJ-V5B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

    ZJ-V5B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

    Cots surface after conditioning, inner hole processing, do dynamic balance surface fine grinding and engraved with pit type reticulation, evenly coated, less glue consumption.

  • 280 single machine

    280 single machine

    Hood suction structure, with high pressure strong fan. Suction and muffler device, air source and electrical control are centralized in the same operation cabinet, not less than 1.5 meters away from the main machine, and the operating side is fully enclosed and covered.

  • Double glue machine

    Double glue machine

    After the surface of the cot is quenched and tempered, the inner hole is processed, and the dynamic balance is done. The surface is finely ground and engraved with pit pattern. The coating is uniform and the glue consumption is small.

  • SM-E type double facer

    SM-E type double facer

    The surface of the heating plate is grinded, and the width of the hot plate is 600mm. The heating plate is made of container plate, which conforms to the national class I pressure vessel standard, and the pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate are attached.

  • Ink printer

    Ink printer

    This machine is out in CE accordance with standard,it’s standardized, generalization, humanization. Man-machine integrated, according to the manufacture of mould directly in touch, set, amendment, execution, replacing, memory, it’s a economic machinery.

  • NC-30D  NC cutter helical knives

    NC-30D NC cutter helical knives

    It can store 200 sets of orders, change the paper cutting specifications quickly and accurately, change the order without stopping the machine, and realize the computer networking, which is convenient for production management.

  • Automatic paper receiving machine

    Automatic paper receiving machine

    Automatic paper machine to keep corrugated production line uninterrupted work, reduce paper loss, greatly improve productivity. Maximum speed 200m/min