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  • CNC knife thrower

    CNC knife thrower

    ※ Technology and parameters:

    1, effective width :2000mm machine speed :80m/min

    2, minimum cutter length :300mm maximum cutter length :9000mm cutter accuracy :±1.5mm is uniform

    ※ Motor power and electrical parameters:

    1, Main drive motor power :3KW full AC synchronous servo control

    2. Power of drawing and feeding motor :3KW(frequency)

  • Single sided corrugated board

    Single sided corrugated board

    Single side corrugated board production line
    This production line is composed of five parts: web support, adsorptive single sided corrugated forming machine, preheater, conveying bridge, single tile vertical and horizontal cutting small hanging basket, electrical control box. Web paper after putting paper, preheating, pressing, gluing, bonding, drying, cutting, cutting continuous production, and processing into the need for single-sided corrugated board.
    The production line has reasonable structure, good technology, electric heating, liquefied gas heating, heat conduction oil heating or steam heating and other ways, with high production efficiency, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, strong adaptability and so on.