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DM-DL Lift Tacking Machine

Short Description:

Width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
For 3 layer, 5 layer, 7 layer corrugated paperboard production line.

Using five high-strength belt conveyor, closed-loop variable frequency control, automatic counting precision, smooth delivery, rapid separation and transported to the basket.
the sun wheel pressure does not damage the cardboard paper. Carbon fiber pressure strip strong wear.
This car automatic adjustment with the order structure, size, can be scattered orders, staggered stacking.
This basket of transverse using nylon plastic track output, does not damage the bottom paper.
the elevator servo control lifting cradle, reasonable weight structure, to achieve the best effect of energy-saving, basket cross, by the platform of the crawler power transfer to next procedure.
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Structural features

The gantry type stacking. Change order time 5 seconds, automatic counting, automatic horizontal out, automatic change order

Synchronization with production management system, order management, centralized management, automatic order change without speed reduction.

The waste of replacing production management order is less than 700mm.

The crawler type stacking platform, AC servo control lifting, stable and orderly stacking;

When the stacking reaches the set quantity, the frequency conversion control will automatically and stably output the paper horizontally;

Back baffle AC servo control positioning, automatic, fast and accurate adjustment when changing orders;

The rear baffle can move automatically, which is suitable for small order stacking;

The power transmission frame for conveying side label and double station trolley.

Independent sealed control cabinet, electrical equipment in dust-free, environment operation;

The color touch screen display is convenient for field operation.

Full automatic operation control improves efficiency, saves manpower and reduces labor intensity of operators;

Main performance characteristics

This system does not need to use stabilizers when making pastes, and the paste has strong penetrating power, and the paste is stable, and it is stored for a long time without stratification.

The operation of the entire system is controlled by the setting of the program, and the software of the control system is designed and developed by the company according to the actual needs of each carton factory, and the operation is stable and reliable.

The addition of all materials is set by the program and completed by PLC control, with accurate measurement.

This system is equipped with a temperature sensor and a temperature display to control the glue temperature to ensure that the starch molecules are more soluble in water, and at the same time to prevent the quality of the glue from being affected by the environmental temperature to produce greater changes.

This equipment is equipped with an automatic tank washing program. After the glue is delivered, the tank body is automatically cleaned.

The liquid level sensor of each glue point storage tank implements liquid level monitoring. When the liquid level is low, the PLC automatically selects the formula to prepare the paste according to the different glue points.

The cutting and mixing time is controlled by PLC through program setting.

After the flakes are alkalized into liquid caustic soda, they are stored in the lye storage tank; the level of the lye transfer tank is controlled by PLC. When the set low limit is reached, it will be automatically replenished from the lye storage tank through the pump.

When the material level of the starch storage tank drops to the material level sensor, the system automatically alarms to prompt to add materials and vibrates to add materials.

Glue is automatically sent to the glue storage tank through a pneumatic diaphragm pump, which is controlled by PLC.

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