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Three ply corrugated board

Short Description:

Model: WJ150-1800 - I type three layer corrugated board production line:

1、  Maximum production width of corrugated board1800mm

2、 Design speed150m/min            

3、 Economic speed 100-120m/min      

Note: line speed test paper should meet the following requirements: (equipment surface temperature is not lower than 172 or above)

*The original paper grade shall not be less than the amount of water in grade B

*The water content of the original paper is about 11% ± 2%

*Surface paper: 100—250g/m2

*core paper:100—250g/m2                

*Tile paper: 100-200g/m2                     

4Corrugated combination: A, C, B, E (or selected by the customer)

5Steam requirement:        

*Steam in 1500-2000 kg/Hr

*Top pressure: 1.2Mpa             

* pressure: 0.8-1.1Mpa           

6Power supply380V     50Hz           Three phase four wire system

7、The total power about 150KW     The practical power about 80KW(full speed)

8Equipment cover an area of about 52m×10m×5mThe specific length is based on the foundation of foundation

9、Paper direction: drive left or right set according to the user factory

10Equipment applicability, usable A, B, C grade domestic original paper or imported original paper

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ZJ-V5B hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand


ⅰ、Structural features:

Adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and othersthe lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.

Brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.

★Each paper rack is equipped with two paper carts that can be served simultaneously from both sides。

ⅱ、Technical parameter

1、Paper clip range  maximum : 1800mm     minimum : 1000mm

2、Folder diameter  maximum : 1500mm     minimum : 350mm

3Main shaft diameter of paper holder:¢240mm

4Gas source work pressureMpa):0.4---0.8Mpa  

ⅲ、 Hydraulic system parameters  

1、Work pressureMpa:16---18Mpa  

2、Lifting hydraulic cylinder:¢100×440mm

3、Clamping hydraulic cylinder:¢63×1300m         

4、Hydraulic station motor power3KW --380V -- 50Hz   

5、Solenoid valve voltage220V  50 Hz             

RG-1-900 top(core)paper preheater RG-2-900 double preheater


ⅰ、Structural features:

The preheating roller is designed with butterfly head, which conforms to the first class national standard of pressure vessel and has the certificate of pressure vessel.

The roll surface after precision grinding, fine grinding and hard chromium plating processingsurface friction is small and durable

Electric adjustment wrap angle , wrap angle can be rotated within 360 °to adjust the paper heat area

ⅱ、Technical parameter

Effective width1800mm                       

Diameter of the preheat roller:¢900mm           

Diameter of the angle:¢110mm×2            

Steam temperature150-200 ℃              

Steam pressure0.8-1.3Mpa                 

Motor power250W  shortS2work system   


SF-320C fingerless type single facer

  1. ⅰ、Structural features:
  2. Adopt hood suction structurematched high pressure powerful fan. Gas supply and electrical control cabinet to focus on the same operation, the operating side full cover closed.
  3. High quality resin sand castingwall thickness 200mmAdopt independent gear box, Universal joint transmission structure.
  4. install the lifting trolley on the conveyor bridge,Need to use the car will tile roll assembly and pressure roller, such as convenient and quick.
  5. Glue roller unit structure with the overall relocationMaintenance can sway the machine at the overall maintenanceimprove the working efficiency.
  6. The humidity control apparatus equipped with a spray, so flute type to maintain good stability of deformation, avoid dry.
  7. Automatic circulation system for glue, two-cylinder pneumatic gluing device, with good cushioning effect.
  8. Glue department using integrated slide structureGlue roller surface after grinding engraved with 32 lines and pit-style textured hard chrome plating.
  9. Corrugated roller adopt tungsten carbide dealingdiameter of the main corrugated roller¢ 320mmQuenchedrough carbore fine boringshaft head shrunk-onwelding tempering to stressfine carscoarse grindingIF quenchingCNC grinding machine grindingtungsten carbide dealinghardness of surface is HV58degrees.
  10. Active force variable frequency motor drive, energy efficient, low failure rate.
Single side corrugated paper machine
    1. ★Glue wide electric adjust to changes in the width of the paper used。
    2. ★Amount of glue size with electric adjustment, touch screen display and operation of the encoder transmission coating gap, high accuracy。
    3. ★Power and operating parts with a safety net to ensure the safety of personnel in the operation of machinery。
    4. ⅱ、Technical parameter:
    5. ★Effective width:1800mm
    6. ★Operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)
    7. ★Design speed:150m/min
    8. ★Temperature range:160—180℃
    9. ★Corrugated flute:(UV type or UVV type):
    10. ⅲ、Roller diameter parameter:
    11. ★Corrugated roll diameter: up¢313mm      down¢316mm ★Pressure roll diameter: ¢320mm
    12. ★Glue roller diameter: ¢240mm       ★ Fixed paste roller: ¢140mm    ★Preheater diameter: ¢402mm
    13. ⅳ、Powered motor parameters:
    14. ★Main frequency drive motor:18.5KW  ★Suction motor:11KW
    15. ★Glue reducer:100W          ★Glue adjusting  motor:200W*2          ★Glue pump motor:2.2KW

ZDF conveyor bridge


Structural Features

This part is the main beam of the 20th channel, 16-beam, angle iron 63, column, etc. are connected.

Both sides of the security fence, ladder , high-strength save people the word pedals, ensure the safety of personnel and easy to operate.

Pull the paper shaft surface tension axis, feeding shaft by grinding hard chrome plated.

Vacuum tension control, 5-inch suction tube, plus regulating valves, air flow can be infinitely adjustable.

Dual front bezel correction guide column positioning, screw driver, fast and accurate positioning, walking steadily.

ⅱ、Roller diameter parameter:

★Paper roll and a tension roller diameter:¢130mm

★Active tension roller diameter:¢85mm

★Diameter of over paper rollers and guide rollers:¢110mm

★Paper towing shaft diameter:¢110mm

ⅲ、Powered motor parameters

★Corrugated single paper lift motor:2.2KW

★The bridge adsorption motor:2.2KW

★Wide motor tune cardboard:250W

GM-20 Glue machine

ⅰ、Structural features:

After the surface of cots is adjusted and tempered, the inner hole is processed, the dynamic balance surface is polished and there are 32 lines of concave net pattern, the glue is uniform and the amount of glue consumption is less.

The rotation of the cots is controlled by the variable frequency motor and frequency conversion, and the frequency control ensures that the linear speed of the cots is synchronized with the two sides, and it can operate independently.

Coating electric adjustment glue amount of digital display. Automatic circulation of glue, can effectively control the amount of glue, avoid glue precipitation, ensure good glue and save glue.

All roller surfaces are ground after hard chromium plating.

 The speed signal of double-sided machine is measured to realize synchronous operation with it. The rubber coating machine is displayed with man-machine interface, which can be used for data setting and easy to operate.

Electrical design, construction production process, follow the national standards, low failure rate, easy maintenance



ⅱ、Technical parameter:

★Effective width:1800mm         ★Operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)      ★Design speed:150m/min

★Gas supply system:0.4—0.6Mpa   ★Preheat cylinder temperature range:150—200℃               ★Steam pressure:0.8—1.2Mpa

ⅲ、Roller diameter parameter:

★Glue roller diameter:¢269mm       ★Over the paper roll diameter:¢110mm  ★Doctor roller diameter:¢142mm

ⅳ、Powered motor parameters:

★Glue roller initiative frequency motor:3KW    ★Sizing Reducer::250W        ★Pressure roller clearance adjustment motor: 250W★Glue pump motor:2.2KW

SM-F type double facer

Double-sided machine

ⅰ、Structural features:

The surface of the heating plate is grinded, the width of the hot plate is 600mm, there are 14heating plates, the cooling setting is 4 meters.The heating plate is made of vessel plate, which conforms to the national first-class pressure vessel standard, with pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate.

The upper conveyer belt rectifies the right and left side to adopt the pneumatic automatic correction deviation.

Heating plate heat transfer pipe temperature control sub-four-segment, with a temperature display.  

Double cylinder S type cotton belt tensioning device is used for upper cotton belt.

The lower belt adopts pneumatic tension, pneumatic correction

Drive roller coated with attached wear-resistant rubber showed a herringbone structureWith a high, ensure smooth cardboard output

Main drive motor for frequency conversion motorlow-speed torquewide speed range ,reliable, and easy maintenance.

Hot plate internal for partition isolation structure,s-shaped flow of steamSteam, water separation function significantly improves the utilization of steam


ZQS Thin knife slitting

ⅰ、Structural features:

Overcome the conventional type of pole, cutting pressure lines appear when collapsed cardboard cut phenomenon, cutting board smooth, quality has improved significantly

The whole machine can remove left and right,cycloid reducer to adjust

Cutter and easy to adjust the pressure line, the error ± 0.5mm, automatic sharpening device, you can achieve timing Brothers, with intermittent Brothers and other features.

The machine adopt four knives six lines,the blade is made of tungsten alloy steel, the using life is not less than 3 million running meters

ⅱ、Technical parameter

Effective width1800mm                         

Design speed: 100 m / min                        

Mechanical configuration: 5 knives and 8 lines  

Minimum cutting width: 135mm                 

Powered motor parameters

Line cutter line motor:0.4KW

Knife wheel drive motor:5.5KW                    

Computer thin knife machine

NC-150 NC cutter helical knives

NC-150  NC cutter helical knives


I. Structural features:
★ Can store 200 orders, quickly and accurately change tool specifications, change orders without stopping, so that the networked computer convenient production management.
The cutter shaft transmission gear adopts precision forged steel induction quenching, no clearance transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy.
★ Cutting machine with steel insert front edge spiral structure, blade teeth serrated. Shear, shear, shear force, long blade life.
★ All around the feeding roller adopts the sun gear pressure plate mode, smooth delivery, uniform pressure, easy to crush the plate or cause the plate blockage.
★ This type of brake is energy storage type (no energy brake), so in the production process, the average power consumption is 1/3 of the ordinary CNC cutting machine, electricity saving more than 70%, to achieve the purpose of saving money.
★ Precision adjustable without clearance gear, to ensure precise blade meshing, balanced operation.
★ Adopt independent oil pump and filter, distribute two sets of copper pipe in each gear position, supply oil, lubrication and cooling.
Knife roller: high quality forged steel material, balance, with good stability.
Two, technical parameters:
Effective width :1800 mm
★ Operation direction: left or right (according to customer factory)
★ Design speed :150 m/min
★ Mechanical configuration: computer spiral knife crosscutting
Minimum cutting length :500 mm
★ Maximum cutting length :9999 mm
★ Tool accuracy: uniform ±1mm, non-uniform ±2mm
★ Device size: LMX4.2WMX1.2HMX1.4
★ Single weight: maximum 3500kg

DMT-120paper sheet delivery and side conveyor

ⅰ、Structural features:

Adopted on the 16th channel weldedElectric adjustment of cardboard the size of the lateral output pneumatic control board, electrically adjustable conveyor speed.

Cardboard sheets to the desired number or height requirements will be controlled by a foot switch out of cardboard

Vertical bin using wide flat belt conveyor transport

ⅱ、Technical parameter

The maximum accumulation length3000mm

The maximum stack height200mm        

Powered motor parameters

Main conveyor motor3Kw   adopt frequency motor

Lateral output of the motor1.5Kw    Three-phase asynchronous motor

Walking Motor1.5Kw    Three-phase asynchronous motor 


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