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  • Three ply corrugated board

    Three ply corrugated board

    Model: WJ150-1800 - I type three layer corrugated board production line:

    1、  Maximum production width of corrugated board1800mm

    2、 Design speed150m/min            

    3、 Economic speed 100-120m/min      

    Note: line speed test paper should meet the following requirements: (equipment surface temperature is not lower than 172 or above)

    *The original paper grade shall not be less than the amount of water in grade B

    *The water content of the original paper is about 11% ± 2%

    *Surface paper: 100—250g/m2

    *core paper:100—250g/m2                

    *Tile paper: 100-200g/m2                     

    4Corrugated combination: A, C, B, E (or selected by the customer)

    5Steam requirement:        

    *Steam in 1500-2000 kg/Hr

    *Top pressure: 1.2Mpa             

    * pressure: 0.8-1.1Mpa           

    6Power supply380V     50Hz           Three phase four wire system

    7、The total power about 150KW     The practical power about 80KW(full speed)

    8Equipment cover an area of about 52m×10m×5mThe specific length is based on the foundation of foundation

    9、Paper direction: drive left or right set according to the user factory

    10Equipment applicability, usable A, B, C grade domestic original paper or imported original paper