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Factory made hot-sale China Automatic Printing Gluing Bundling Linkage Line Carton Box Making Machinery

Short Description:

The whole machine is designed according to the high demand, reliability function and safety production. Full-automatic and high speed, PLC controlled.
Selects the high quality materials and accessories, all the drive rollers adopted high quality steel material of famous brand, hard chrome plating and surface treated by lapping finish.
Transfer roller impression cylinder, the clearance of anilox roller is controlled by computer.
Higher configuration series adopt full scale adsorption to make the output better quality.

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The whole machine is in strict accordance with the high standard, high efficiency design, man-machine integration design concept, ful computer
centralized control.With a remote maintenance, breakdown self check, multiple protection functions such as alarm prompt.All electrical appliances, electronic components are choose the standards.

Stability of whole machine mobile unit layout, structure, concise:Simple operation, convenient maintenance.Transfer printing vacuum adsorption, servo control phase adjustment, to ensure the high quality, high points, high precision printing product requirements

Equipped with infrared drying system, UV glazing system.

Al the gear selects the high quality alloy steel 20 crmnt by carburzing, precision grinding to ensure long-erm transmission precision.Accuracy is

approximately equal to level 5-6)

Al roll axis selects the high quality steel, quenched and tempered treatment:Dynamic and static balance correction operation test twice, ensure the

equipmentrunning speed stable and reliable.

The whole machine selects the high quality materials and accessories.Wallboard, important parts adopt processing center production.

Options on a fixed all servo drive control system.

Mode 922(308) 224(410) 1428(480) 1828(530)
Specifcatian 2600 2800 3200 3200
Max,machine speed (pes/min) 360 260 218 180
Max.feeding size (LxW) 900×2250 1200×2450 1400×2850 1600×2850
Min,feeding  size(LxW) 260×500 320x650 320×650 380×650
Max.printing area (LxW) 900×2200 1200×2400 400×2800 1600×2800
Printing plate thickness 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Max.die-cutting size 900×2200 1200×2400 1400×2800 1600×2800
Max.cardboard thickness 2-11 2-11 2-11 2-11
Voltage 380-440 380-440 380-440 380-44
Frequency 50Hz-60H2 50Hz-60Hz 50Hz-60Hz 50Hz-60Hz

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