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ZJ-V5B-V6B Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

Short Description:

width: 1400 – 2500 mm.
Purpose and Characteristics:

The sturcture is double rotary shafts with four arms; Support two paper mill rolls on both arms at the same time.
Hydraulic control for paper mill roller up-down, clamp-open and centering.
Web tension is controlled by pneumatic brake or manual brake; Springiness chucks are optional.
Effective width: 900 mm – 2550 mm; Maximum paper roll diameter: φ1500 mm.
Maximum support weight: 3T.

Product Detail

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Structural features

Cots surface after conditioning, inner hole processing, do dynamic balance surface fine grinding and engraved with pit type reticulation, evenly coated, less glue consumption.

The surface of the squeezer roller is ground and plated with hard chrome.

The rest of the paper guide roller surface plated with hard chromium.

Pressure roller pneumatic lift, easy to operate.

Manually adjust the clearance of paint scraping.

Apply cots of 215mm, uniform cots of 122mm, pressure roll of 122mm, preheating roll of 270mm.

Electrical design, production and construction process, in accordance with national standards and specifications, low failure rate, simple maintenance.


Technical parameters

Work width  1400-2500mm
Paper clip range maximum1800mm- minimum800mm
Folder diameter maximum1500mm -minimum350mm
Main shaft diameter of paper holder 240mm
Gas source work pressure Mpa0.4---0.8Mpa
Operation direction  left set or right set (according to the customer plant)
Design speed  100-300 /min
Air source system  0.4-0.9mpa
Preheating cylinder temperature range  150-200 ℃
 Steam pressure  1.12 -- 1.3mpa

Roller diameter parameters

Diameter of cots¢215mm diameter of cots

Fixed paste roller diameter¢122mm diameter of fixed paste roller

Lower preheating roller diameter: ¢320mm

Upper preheating roller diameter¢270mm diameter of preheating roller

Diameter of paper roll: ¢85mm

Hydraulic system parameters

Work pressure(Mpa):16---18Mpa

Lifting hydraulic cylinder:¢100×440mm

Clamping hydraulic cylinder:¢63×1300m

Hydraulic station motor power:3KW --380V -- 50Hz

Solenoid valve voltage:220V 50 Hz

Power motor parameters

Cots active motor: 3KW

Glue quantity adjustment reducer: 250W

Pressure roller clearance adjustment motor: 250W

Rubber pump motor: 2.2KW

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