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LJXC-Automatic Downfolder Gluer Machine

Short Description:

QzX seres Automatic folder gluer machine consiste of three sections vacuum feeding section.glue&
floding secton, counter& stacker section Frequency conversion motor
inverfer ad ust speed.
plc& Touch Screen control system for easy operation and running stable.a
min. Energy Conservation and High Speed, Saving Labor Cost

Product Detail

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Main parameter

Max cardboard width: 1300X2800

rated current 25A

Min cardboard width: 300X750

electric source: Three-phase four-wire distribution

Speed: 0-150m/minute

Machine size: (13000X3000X1800MM) L*W*H

Total power:8.9kW

Machine weight: 6.0T

Main features

A. This machine is suitable for 3/5/7 layer corrugated cardboard.

B. The machine can use less worker and can replace the stitching machine.

C. It is easy to dry and clean.

D. The carton has the characteristics: strong sticking, smooth and clean.

E. Less people, fast speed, 1 person on paper, 2 people bundled, 2 people back and forth transporting more than 10, 000 sheets for 8 hours.

F. This machine is suitable for export packaging, environmental protection packaging, such as beverage box, beer box, instant noodle box, ceramic tile box and other high-grade packaging cartons.


(1) LJXC-automatic down folder gluer machine is mainly aimed at replacing the pure manual paste box forming or an update of the automatic gluing box machine. It is a more labor-saving innovation.

Compared with the manual paste box and the automatic gluing machine, this machine can save a lot of labor, save half of the glue cost, and glue correctly, without overflowing glue, so that the investment is small, the fault is less, and the dependence on skilled workers can be reduced and the production space can be saved. Achieving efficiency and double Harvest quality

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