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1. Main technical parameters

Table diameter: 1650mm

Packaging height: 1000mm-2000mm

Winding area: 1300×1300

Table height: 90mm

Table load bearing: 2000kg

Overall weight: 700kg

Overall power: 1.5 kW

Power supply voltage: 220V

Table speed: 6-16 rpm / min

Packaging material: LLDPE tensile film

Thickness: 17-35um

Membrane width: 500mm

Film core: 76.2mm

Outer diameter of membrane coil: 150mm-350mm

2 Main performance


PLC programmable control, the number of winding layers is adjustable

The height setting is more reliable and stable

The more than the top height can be set

Turn the platform to drive

Turntable frequency conversion is 6-16rpm

Turn the table automatically reset

The turntable chain drives 8 double tuggs

Thin film system:

Membrane frame power prestretching mechanism, prestretching up to 250%;

The rising and falling speed of the film frame are adjustable respectively, and the film delivery speed is adjustable

The number of top and bottom winding is controlled separately

The film system follows the mechanism to pull it up

3 Main components: (selection of electronic control system)

1、Programmable controller SCJ (Wuxi)

2、Frequency converter tricrystal (Guangdong)

3、Travel Switch: Chint (Zhejiang)

4、Proximity switch for Omron (Japan)

5、Photoelectric switch: Omron (Japan)

6、Turtary motor, trendy drive (Zhejiang)

7、Membrane delivery motor, Zhongda (Zhejiang)

8、Lift Motor Platform Drive (Zhejiang)

9、 Button on Chint (Zhejiang)

Warranty period of one year, one year for non-human parts damage, free replacement, free maintenance.

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