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Semi And Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine(Extra Feeder)

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  Model    MY-800    MY-1080 MY-1100  MY-1300 MY-1500 MY-1650
  Max.Paper size    800x620mm    1080×780mm 1100x780mm  1320×980mm 1510x1120mm 1670x 1200mm
  Min.Paper size    340×280mm    400x350mm 400x350mm  400×350mm 450×400mm 550×500mm
  Max.Die-cutting size    770×600mm    1070x760mm 1080x760mm  1300×960mm 1490x1100mm 1650×1180mm
  Min.Gripper edge size    5mm    5mm 5mm  6-8mm 6-8mm 6-8mm
 Max.Die-cutting pressure   300N/cm²     350N/cm²                    350N/cm²       350N/cm²       380N/cm²       400N/cm²
   瓦楞纸Corrugated paper    ≤3mm    ≤4mm ≤4mm  ≤7mm ≤7mm ≤7mm
白板纸Carboard   200-2000g/m²  200-2000g/m² 200-2000g/m² 200-2000g/m²  200-2000g/m²   200-2000g/m²
  Max.Die-cutting speed    7000 sheets/h    7000 sheets/h 7000sheets/h  5000 sheets/h 5000sheets/h 4200sheets/h
  Max.Feeding pile height    1000mm(above the level)    1100mm(above the level 1100mm(above the level)  1400mm(above the level) 1400mm(above the level) 1400mm(above the level)
Max.Collecting pile height    900mm(above the level)    1100mm(above the level) 1100mm(above the level)  1250mm(above the level) 1250mm(above the level) 1300mm(above the level)
  Total power    13.5KW    16,5KW 17KW  18KW 19KW 21KW
  Weight    9T    15T 15.5T  16T 19T 23T
  (Stripping Q)    10T    16.5T 17T  18.5T 25.6T 26T
  Dimensions    4300×3200x1700mm    5943×3897×2215mm 5943×3950×2215mm  7286×4198×2345mm 7900×4320×2356mm 9000×5500×2460mm
  (Stripping Q)    5300×3200×1700mm    6971×3897×2215mm 7000×3950×2215mm  8545×4300×2345mm 10200×4560×2356mm 10500×5500×2460mm

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