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SF-280S Single Facer

Short Description:

Purpose and characteristics:
Design speed: 80 m/min-100 m/min
Effective width: 1400 mm-2000 mm.
Detailed attributes: Corrugated roller: φ280mm-φ320mm.
The transmission reduction box adopts oil-immersed lubrication to reduce noise and maintain stable operation. PTZ transmission is adopted. Separate power.
Pneumatic adjustment of corrugating roller, pressing roller and rubber roller.
The cardboard conveying adopts vacuum suction method, with wind control system. Keep the grooves of the lower roller stable in the running state.

Product Detail

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Structural features


Hood suction structure, with high pressure strong fan. Suction and muffler device, air source and electrical control are centralized in the same operation cabinet, not less than 1.5 meters away from the main machine, and the operating side is fully enclosed and covered.

Machine stand and wall panel cast iron structure, wall panel thickness 130mm. Universal joint drive.

The corrugated roll material is made of 48CrMo alloy steel, tempered, quenched at medium frequency, polished surface, corrugated main roll diameter of?? 280mm, surface hardness HRC60 degree above. The key parts of tile roller, pressure roller bearing adopts tile shop to produce high temperature bearing.

Pressure roll: 284mm, surface grinding and chrome plating; The cylinder is controlled to move up and down, the material is medium carbon steel no. 45, quenched and tempered (with buffer device).

Pneumatic control for rubber back rubber, coated roller diameter ¢215mm surface after polishing engraved with 25 lines of pit type anilox processing after hard chrome plating, scraping roller surface after grinding hard chrome plating.

Raw materials for corrugator roll and pressure roll are provided by Zhongyuan Special Steel. The corrugator roll is 0.15mm high and the pressure roll is 0.075mm high. Add limit device. Compression cylinder with a 160mm cylinder.

The preheating roll is made of seamless steel tube of day steel, up to 300mm, all connected with metal hoses.

Technical parameters

Breadth of work  1400-2000mm
Effective width 1600mm
Operation direction left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)
Design speed 100m/min
Temperature range 200—260℃
Corrugated flute (UV type or UVV type)
Operation direction  left set or right set (according to the customer plant)
Design speed  100m/min
 emperature range  200-260 ℃
 Corrugated  (UV or UVV)

Roller diameter parameters

Diameter of corrugated roller:¢280mm diameter of corrugated roll pressure roll: ¢284mm

Diameter of cots:¢216mm diameter of cots

Preheater: ¢320mm diameter

Power motor parameters

Main drive motor: 7.5KW

Suction motor :7.5KW


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