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SF-360E(320E)Drawer Type Single Facer

Short Description:

Design speed: 150 m/min-200m/min.
Effective width: 1400-2200 mm.
Negative pressure design, low heat dissipation, so that the pressure can evenly bond the core paper and the surface of the corrugated roller, so that the corrugated shape is better, because the pressure is even, the corrugated top is better, and the glue is uniformly applied, which makes the single-sided bonding of the corrugated better .
Quick roll change, 15 minutes, in order to replace the cart trailer containing a complete set of corrugations, it is driven by a motor, loaded into the machine, fixed on the machine base, and the corrugation can be replaced quickly and easily.
The corrugation is made of 48CRMO high-quality alloy steel, heat-treated, and the surface is grinded and plated with hard chromium or tungsten carbide.

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Structural features

Design speed: 150m / min

Effective width: 1800-2500mm

The main corrugating roller: ¢ 320mm (different according to different types), pressure roller ¢ 370mm, preheating roll ¢ 400mm

The negative pressure design with low heat loss makes the core paper uniformly pressed and attached to the surface of the corrugating roller, so that the corrugated can be better formed. Because the pressure is uniform, the top of the corrugated can be better coated with glue, so that the single-sided corrugated paper can fit better.

The whole set of corrugating rollers is sent into the machine and fixed on the base of the machine. Only one button switch is needed to quickly replace the corrugating roller.

The corrugated roller is made of 48crmo high-quality alloy steel. After heat treatment, the surface is treated with tungsten carbide after grinding, and the surface hardness is above hv1200 degrees.

Single sided corrugating machine (2)

The air bag control system with high stability is adopted for corrugated roller and pressure roller, and the air pressure control buffer effect is also available.

The glue feeding amount is controlled by electric adjustment, and the glue separating device is electric. The glue spreading system can operate independently when the main engine stops, so as to prevent the glue from drying up.

The mobile gluing system is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

The simple operation control system, touch screen operation in terface, and color graphic display of operation status, function selection, fault indication, troubleshooting and parameter setting all show that the machine has complete functions, simple operation and humanization.

The built-in preset adjuster has a spray system to adjust the temperature and moisture content of the core paper.

High temperature grease is used for main and auxiliary corrugating roller and pressure roller bearing to ensure bearing life and smooth operation.

Single-sided machine corrugated paper

Technical parameters

Working width  1800-2500mm
 Operation direction  left or right (determined according to customer's workshop)
 Design speed  150m / min
 Temperature range  160-200 ℃
 Gas source  0.4-0.9mpa
 Steam pressure  0.8-1.3mpa
 Corrugated type  (UV type or uvv type)
The diameter of upper corrugating roller  ¢ 320mm
The diameter of pressure roller  ¢ 370mm
 Wheel diameter  ¢ 269mm
The diameter of fixed paste roller  ¢ 153mm
The diameter of preheater  ¢ 400mm
 Main variable frequency drive motor  22kw
Suction motor  11kw
mixing reducer  100W
Adjustment motor  200W * 2
Motor of rubber pump  2.2kw
Motor of glue coating part  3.7KW

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