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Cardboard thin knife cutting indentation machine


Man-machine interface - PLC control, the system for the robot operating system more humanized, simple structure, easy to maintain.
1. Manual or automatic paper feeding table can be configured
2. Automatic and independent adjustment of prepressing wheel, paper knife holder and line pressing wheel
3. Equipped with manual/automatic knife sharpening
4. Automatic adjustment of cardboard height and pressure
5. Point and fine-tune
6. Automatic counting
7. Paper parting and line pressing accuracy ±0.5mm
8. Man-machine interface -- PLC control, separate paper thin knife row single independent servo motor control, automatic row single speed of 3-8 seconds, error accuracy ±0.5 mm.
9. The operation is very humanized, no technical content, ordinary workers can operate.
10. Slitting part: high quality tungsten steel alloy blade, long service life, cutting out the cardboard incision neat without fracturing, no burr.
11. Prepressing wheel, paper knife holder, line pressing wheel

Thin knife slitter machine
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