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Flat bed die cut machine semi automatic platform paper die cutting machine

Short Description:

Taiwan die cutting machine is a new generation of production of carton equipment, especially high-grade special-shaped cartons.
Table die cutting machine will edge cutting, Angle cutting, punching, slotting, wrinkling and other processes together, so that corrugated paper into the shape of the board.
The utility model is stable and reliable, reflected in the cardboard specification is accurate, no burrs, neat and tidy, safe and convenient operation and so on.

Product Detail

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The size of the   In her work Motor power   The machine size Machine weight
KS-1200 0-20 pcs/min 2.2kw 3000×1500×1250 1000公斤
KS-1400 0-20 pcs/min 2.2kw 4500×1700×1250 1200公斤
KS-1600 0-20 pcs/min 2.2kw 4500×1900×1250 1500公斤
KS-1800 0-20 pcs/min 2.2kw 5000×2100×1250 1800公斤

Taiwan die cutting machine detailed technical parameters

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