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HCl-Semi-Automatic Corrugated Feeder Ink Printing Machine Supporting Equipment

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Model HCL-1630 HCL-1630 HCL-2436 
Maximum paper speed /Minimum paper delivery size 200 Score250x600mm 250 Zhang / cent250x600mm 120 Zhang / cent700x1000mm
Maximum paper delivery size 1600x3000mm 1600x3000mm 2200x3600mm
Maximum load 1600Kg 1600-2000Kg 1800-2500Kg
Maximum pile of paper height 1800~2200mm 1800~2200mm 1800mm
Tooth fork mechanism size 1600~1800mm 1600~1800mm 1800~2000mm
Maximum pile of paper length 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm
Maximum-number of board stacks 3 4 3
Paper placing mode: Collapsion mode/Paper placing mode: veneer mode  
Front baffle mechanism    
After the clapper 1 1/3 2
Paper feeding method: automatic paper feeding method 0 O O
Size setting order
operating floor 1 1 1-2
gross horse power 12.5HP 12.5HP 17HP
Machine total weight 4200kg 4600kg 5000kg

Product features:

Suitable for equipment: printing press 09 series, 12 series, 16 series with the speed: 200 (standard) -300 pieces / minute

Single operation: compared to the traditional two paper can reduce labor costs

Production pre-arranged sheet: in the later production of the sheet, high personnel mobility

Intelligent paper supply system: with the production speed of the printing press, intelligent adjustment of the paper supply speed, stable and light paper supplement

One-button setting: size set: one-button sheet arrangement, and the height of the printing press paper feeding unit can be set according to the production conditions

Diversified paper mode: according to the size of the paper, choose veneer or front tile paper mode operation

Ergonomic design: the stair height with the best paper position Angle, configuration, easy to operate and reduce labor force

Automatic paper feeding (optional) tooth fork mechanism optional automatic paper feeding function with the front section of logistics, personnel can locate the paper without pushing the paper

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