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This machine consists of paper delivery and die-cutting parts

The wall material is of high quality HT 250 casting, 40mm thick, large processing center processing, to ensure the strength and processing accuracy of the wall.

Transmission gear system adopts oblique gear transmission, low noise, high transmission precision, which improves the transmission stability of gear. All transmission gears are processed with high-quality alloy steel, super hardness treatment, and closed spray lubrication.

The bearing adopts the famous brand bearing of Wanxiang Group.

The motor is adjusted by frequency converter, and the frequency converter. Low-voltage electrical appliances using Schneider.

Pneumatic components: the cylinder uses "Sono" famous brand cylinder, the solenoid valve uses "Delixi" famous brand products

Send paper system:

1、Use manual feeding chain type paper delivery.

2、Each paper delivery department uses 4 chains, can adjust the size of the board, and can be customized according to the user requirements.

3、The chain shall be tightened manually. Equipped with a counter showing the production quantity

4、The rear of the equipment is equipped with pneumatic interlocking control switch to realize emergency stop and positive and negative host touch.

5、The paper delivery unit can set the display planned production quantity. When the plan is completed, the system automatically commands to stop and issue a warning signal.

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