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This series corrugated paperboard seperating paper rolling line cutting corner openning slot machine, is a comprehensive
production equipment which integrate several process such as cutting corner, rolling line and slicing side, the main
characteristic is feeding single paperboard by hand, genenral flexual paperboard is applicable too.

Phase Electrically:

Slotting tool apron can be turned 360 degree positive and reverse, circularly adjusted, adopt motor micro-adjusting equipment, convenient to operate, accurate adjusted size, locking reliable and slotting accuracy.Taiwan showdown brake motors,coded pulse monitor, sensitive and accurate, microcomputer show, memory is memory and automatic zero
adjustment phase (choose) function.Slotted synchronized adjustments on the line and save time. Lubricating system adopt the type of spraying self-lubricate.

Model number Unit 1422 1426 1428
Roller diameter mm ∅480 ∅480 ∅480
Over the Paper Width mm 1400x2300 1400x2700 1400x2900
Printing Area mm 1400x2200 1400x2600 1400x2800
Min.Feeding Size mm 360x600 360x600 360x600
Feedng Depth mm 2-11 2-11 2-11
Pnnt plate Depth mm 7.2 7.2 7.2
Machine speed Pcs/min 70 70 70
 P ow e r kw According to theprinting set certain According to theprinting set certain According to theprinting set certain

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